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Everyone has already heard of Pokemon Go. In Finland, players are constantly seen in the streets and parks. If you are thinking about spending money on a game, think carefully about where it is best to invest and not.

If you want to do a small business while playing, you can do it too. Many have managed to do and do small business with Pokemon Go.

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Countless business opportunities

Countless business opportunities

At least in the US, tired players are already being offered rides to catch Pokémon in the style of Uber rides. Bus tours have also been provided. The buses stop at pokestops, gyme, and provide pokem eggs hatching services. Buses also have recharging points for phones. If sitting on the bus sounds too time consuming, you can hire another person to walk for you and incubate your pokemoon! Price is based on kilometers.

Businesses can also use P okestops: in the US, a girl sold goodies to a Pokestop near her home to hungry players, and in Japan, for example, companies can sponsor Pokestops.

You can also earn by playing: Higher level Pokemon Go accounts are available on a large scale on Ebay! Also Poketree site is a marketplace where you can buy or sell ajopalveluita, for example, accounts, and anything else related to the game.

Businesses are also attracting customers with Pokemon

Businesses are also attracting customers with Pokemon

Pokemon has also brought in additional revenue for many businesses: Shops or cafes warn being close to Pokestops, which will bring in more customers. In Finland, Elisa organized walking tours for beginners and advanced players in Helsinki. The age limit for free guided walks was 15 years.

How do I buy items on Pokemon Go?

How do I buy items on Pokemon Go?

If you want to buy merchandise (such as those famous poker balls!) In Pokemon Go, it is obvious that you cannot traditionally cash in a nearby kiosk, but need a slightly more advanced payment method.

Usually, on mobile devices, payment is made by combining your credit card information with, for example, Google Play or the Apple Store, which are virtual marketplaces. For example, when you buy poker balls, your credit card will be charged. At Pokemon Go, accessories start at $ 0.99.

If you are not interested in the benefits of credit cards, such as travel insurance, you may consider annual credit cards issued by Nordea, such as the Stockmann credit card. If you are a customer owner, you can also get an annual credit card from S-Bank.

What players should spend money on – and what not

What players should spend money on - and what not

No need to buy Pokeballs: It is not profitable to buy Pokeballs as they are always available at Pokestop, which is available almost everywhere. However, if you live far from cities in sparsely populated rural areas, the situation may be different for you. In this case, poker balls can be a good buy because there are simply no poker tops.

Nick Johnson, the first player to catch all the Pokemon available in the United States, says Pokémon hatcheries / incubators are the best and most profitable investment for those who want to spend money on playing Pokemon. Nick also recommends the purchase of walking shoes. Read Nick’s other tips from Business Insider!

Phones can also be equipped with various hacking tools. For example, they can trick your phone’s GPS into catching Pokémon on the move, just like in a normal smartphone game. However, there are risks involved in using scams, as you may be banned from the game. Among other things, Craigslist offers a variety of hacking providers.

Are you sure you want to invest in your Pokemon Go account? Buy an apartment near Pokestop!

Are you sure you want to invest in your Pokemon Go account? Buy an apartment near Pokestop!

The biggest and most unfair advantage for Pokemon Go players is their home or office near Pokestop. Some are able to visit Pokestopes even from their bedrooms.

The good thing about Pokemon Go is that it encourages you to go out with your friends and not take a taxi or collect pokeball balls while lying in bed. However, it is important to keep in mind moderation, also in terms of spending money, and be careful not to cause a huge increase in your credit card bill.


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