York City Council supports York’s 10-year skills strategy

A 10-year skills strategy setting out a vision for York’s future workforce will be in the spotlight next week.

The executive of York City Council will be asked to demonstrate the authority’s support for York’s new 10-year skills strategy on Thursday 17 March.

Created by the city’s Skills and Jobs Council, the strategy sets out the steps needed to equip a workforce with the skills needed to weather economic shocks such as a global pandemic, as well as to thrive and support future sustainable growth.

The vision puts the city’s people, businesses, partnerships, technology and net zero ambitions at the heart of the strategy.

Priorities for the next two to five years include working within communities to help individuals access the skills needed for employment and self-employment.

Another goal is to help local businesses increase their productivity and build their resilience through the training and development of their workforce.

Productive partnerships will aim to create a flexible, city-wide skills system that responds to local needs.

Meanwhile, the focus on education to lead to employment and self-employment will seek to ensure a talent pool that meets business needs and attracts, trains, retains and retrains people in the city, through to a high quality offer and a culture of lifelong employment. learning.

Cllr Andrew Waller, Executive Board Member for Economics and Strategic Planning, said: “York’s partnership approach to supporting skills development is critical to the long-term success of the strategy and ultimately , to the availability of a wide range of quality jobs in the city.

“This 10-year skills strategy sets out the city’s approach to developing the skills infrastructure that will support inclusive and sustainable growth in York over the next ten years.

“I would like to thank all of the City’s Skills and Employment Commission partners for their work in creating the one-year and ten-year strategy.

The York Skills and Employment Council, of which the council is a partner, is chaired by Lee Probert, principal and chief executive of York College.

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