Xbox Series S Memory Constraints Reportedly Caused Development Issues

Microsoft took a fresh approach to this next generation and launched two consoles instead of one. One of them was the original Xbox Series X and the other was the cheaper Xbox Series S. Both are next-gen consoles, but there’s some disparity seeing the chasm in their price tags. Everyone who buys the Xbox Series S expected it, but for some the performance was much worse. Games like FIFA 22 have had problems on the console before. Apparently, the developers also share this point of view with the players on the console. However, the thing that worries them might not be what you expect.

On its recent episode of the DF Direct Weekly podcast, Digital Foundry, a website that deals with in-depth technical analysis of games and gaming hardware, recently heard from many developers that the Xbox Series S is a pain to work with, and it is not due to the power of its CPU or its GPU, but to the constraints imposed on it by its memory. A lot of gamers are all a bit shocked by this news, especially since it’s the start of the new generation.

As we all know, Xbox Series S is much cheaper than Xbox Series X. Obviously, this means that some aspects are different in Xbox Series S. One of these aspects is its RAM, which is only of 10 GB. On the other hand, the Xbox Series X has a RAM of 16 GB, which is much more than the low-end version of the console.

The part where the Xbox Series S memory is probably limiting developers is that it’s probably not much more than the current generation. The console operating system uses 2 GB of the available 10 GB, so developers have to work only with the remaining 8 GB of memory. That’s not much more than current-gen offers, so developing next-gen games is obviously going to be tough.

What is worrying is that this is only the beginning of the new generation. If the developers are already facing problems at this point, who knows what will happen in a few years. Many great games, like Starfield and Redfall, are coming to Xbox Series X|S and we have no idea how Xbox Series S will handle these games. Microsoft continues to release new strategies to improve sales of its low-end console. However, if these problems persist, it will become increasingly difficult.

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