What ex-Eagles coach Doug Pederson thinks about Jalen Reagor and Jalen Hurts development

Old Eagles Head coach Doug Pederson had two perspectives – as a head coach and as a stranger.

Pederson, who was fired by the Eagles in January and replaced by Nick Sirianni, knows how several players on this list work, think and perform – wide receiver Jalen Reagor, for example.

The Eagles’ 2020 first-round pick, Reagor has struggled this season, catching 25 passes for 201 yards and two touchdowns. Reagor suffered two costly losses in last Sunday’s loss to the Giants.

Appearing on NBC Sports Philadelphia Take off with John Clark podcast, Pederson said that while he’s not on the squad and doesn’t know everything that’s going on with Reagor, he thinks it’s similar to former Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor.

“He got beaten up in the media, he got booed from the stadium every time he walked out,” Pederson said. “It was unfair to the player. It was like that time with Nelson, and I thought the best thing for him was to take a week or two.

Pederson placed Agholor in the scouts to regain his confidence before putting him back into the lineup. Pederson said Agholor – who has 32 catches for 416 yards and three touchdowns for the Patriots this season – was grateful and felt the decision helped him. Pederson said he believes the team should continue to work with Reagor and find ways to put him on the path to becoming a productive receiver.

“[Reagor] could be in the same situation right now, ”he said. “Maybe they take a step back and see it in a clearer picture. This prospect of 30,000 feet, so to speak. You need to keep working with the child, work hard in practices and meetings, and do all that he can to help him with this setback at this point in his career.

Pederson said quarterback Jalen Hurts was playing at the level he expected when the team selected him in the second round of the 2020 Draft.

“There were things that we saw on tape, but you were hoping he would keep improving, that he was going to grow and develop,” Pederson said. “Then when you get to know Jalen Hurts, you [realize] that this guy has what it takes to be a really good NFL quarterback. He’s another one of those NFL players who needs this time and needs to be out there. Every game he starts is a game that goes into that memory bank for the next game, next year, and next season.

Pederson added he was impressed with how Hurts has developed as a leader, noting how Hurts communicated with center Jason Kelce last season when it came to making line adjustments and protections. offensive. Pederson says Hurts could play even better if he had time in the same offensive system.

“He was in Alabama, he was in our system a year ago and he’s in Nick’s system this year,” Pederson said. “He really hasn’t had a year where he can only digest one system. He is constantly learning. It just fits me and proves how much he wants to play and how much he wants to play. I’m even excited for next season to have a sophomore in a system and see how he can grow and start putting pieces around to help him. I was very impressed with Jalen. He’s still a young quarterback, and there are still mistakes that are made and things like that, but he’s such a great talent that you just have to let go and let him play.

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