Warning of high concentration of dust in the air across Cyprus

A high concentration of dust in the air was recorded on Monday based on measurements from ground stations of the air quality monitoring network.

The public, especially vulnerable groups – i.e. children, the elderly and the sick – are urged to avoid walking in open spaces until the dust settles. Authorities have warned that the small size of respirable particles in dust can have negative effects on human health.

And that employers must take appropriate measures (organizational and / or technical) after assessing the risks their employees may face when working in open spaces, and it is recommended that workers in these spaces use means of appropriate personal protection.

In detail, the last hourly dust concentrations measured at 8:00 a.m. in the following areas are:

Lefkosia: 105.3 g / m3

Lemesos: 126.7 g / m3

Larnaka: 54.8 g / m3

Paphos: 155.2 g / m3

Zygi: 68 g / m3

Agia Marina Xyliatou: 50.7 g / m3

Note that “dust” refers to respirable particulate matter less than 10m in diameter (PMten) in the air. According to the relevant legislation, a limit value not to be exceeded is set for the daily average concentrations at 50 g / m3 (micrograms per cubic meter).

Further information on measured pollutant concentrations and real-time updates are available online at www.airquality.gov.cy, as well as through the free “Air Quality Cyprus” mobile app.

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