Want to have Cheteshwar Pujara Levels of Focus and Concentration: Mohammad Rizwan

Pakistani wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan is keen to have the levels of focus and concentration of his county team-mate Cheteshwar Pujara as he seeks to improve as a red-ball cricketer.

Pujara has argued for a Test return with two hundred and as many double hundreds in his campaign for Sussex in the County Championship Division 2.

The Indo-Pak couple had shared a 154-point position against Durham earlier this month and they play for the same team have also garnered plenty of positive attention on social media.

Rizwan, who was named ICC Player of the Year for 2021, highly values ​​Pakistanis Younis Khan and Fawad Alam when it comes to striking with unwavering focus, but he has now added Pujara to the list.

“…As far as Pujara and myself are concerned, I didn’t feel anything strange (in the sense of India-Pakistani rivalry).

“And I hope that if you ask him, his answer will be the same as mine. Although I share a laugh with him and tease him (laughs) and everyone in the squad knows that,” Rizwan told Cricwick when asked about his time with the India veteran.

Praising Pujara, Rizwan said, “He’s a very nice and loving guy. And his focus and concentration too… If you have the chance to learn something, you should do it.

“In terms of concentration levels and I’ve told the coaches here too. In my whole career, the most focused and focused players are Younis bhai, Fawad Alam and his (Pujara).

“Pujara is second on my list and Fawad Alam on three in terms of sheer focus and focus. I rate these three players very well. Regular white-ball cricket can affect your discipline in the longer format and Rizwan said Pujara’s advice helped him on that front.

“…in terms of focus and focus levels, there’s a point where it starts to drop…I’ll try to figure out how these three players have such intense focus and focus. I keep talking with Younis bhai, I haven’t been able to talk much with Fawad recently about this.

“And with Pujara, I had a chat with him after going out early. He told me a few things and one of them was to play close to the body. And as everyone knows, we’ve been playing white-ball cricket consistently over the past few years and we’ve been playing a bit away from our body. Rizwan said, “in white ball, you don’t play very close to your body because the ball doesn’t swing or sew as much.” “So early here, I’ve played away from my body and come out twice the same way,” he said.

“Then I went to meet him in the net and I remember he said that when you play in Asia you force the ball to play the drive. Here you don’t have to do that. And we have to play close to the body. So those are the things he told me and everything he learned from me, he can say (laughs).

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