Virat Kohli has done a lot of work on his focus and focus; Rohit Sharma is a natural fielder

Former India field coach R Sridhar recently spoke about the field aspect of two Indian stalwarts – Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma.

R Sridhar’s tenure, which began in 2016, ended after the T20 World Cup. He helped develop national team fitness and commissioning standards.

Speaking in an interview with The Economic Times on Sunday, R Sridhar revealed that Virat Kohli has done a lot of work on his slide. He pointed out that Kohli’s intensity on the pitch has a mental effect on the opposition, and as a result, he’s often seen lining up at short cover or short intermediate wicket.

Virat Kohli is amazed. Image-BCCI

“They (Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma) are, indeed, [India’s best slip fielders]. But let me say these are two very different types of athletes. Virat is extremely fit and agile and has always been a very good outfielder, ”said R Sridhar.

“In the beginning, we used his energy in front of the batter’s eyes, let’s say like short cover or mid-wicket short cover because with his intensity, he could literally intimidate hitters.

“But over time, and it was also because he was a certainty in the team, we wanted him to stay in the slides… He can go down very quickly and has worked a lot on his concentration and concentration. Now you can see him taking the half chances and picking them up more often than not. “

We call Rohit sticky fingers: R Sridhar

Brief fielding comes naturally to Rohit Sharma, as R Sridhar puts it. He reckons Sharma has also worked hard on her slip holds and hardly misses any of them.

Rohit sharma
Rohit Sharma grabs a hold in one hand. Image-BCCI

“Rohit, on the other hand, is a natural outfield (slip). It’s called sticky fingers in the locker room. At the same time, he is working very hard on his slip catch and takes about 60 to 80 catches each session to improve his slip catch, ”he added.

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