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A free education program on how to be a good tenant is helping to prevent cycles of homelessness in Ballarat. Uniting Ballarat is one of five locations in Australia to host a rental skills pilot program, helping participants prove to landlords that they are ready to rent and able to sustain their rental. Around 16 people have completed the program in Ballarat so far, learning skills such as budgeting, communicating with estate agents and understanding tenants’ rights and responsibilities. Ruby Lloyd-Vendy completed the program this week. She has been living in the mental health recovery program Uniting Barnagnen for 12 months and is looking to move into a private rental. “We thought we would do this to improve our knowledge,” she said. Fellow program participants Ursh Pendlebury and Ben Roy are in the same situation. Mr. Roy said the skills learned during the two-day course would be useful when he first moved into his home. They will be able to submit their rental skills certificate with their rental file. A property manager participated in a session with the young people to answer questions. Uniting Rental Skills trainer Nicole Manford said it was amazing to have this kind of relationship with real estate agents. “That’s certainly in the homelessness sector what we’re missing, that strong positive relationship with the real estate industry,” she said. “There are a lot of misconceptions about who a Uniting customer is and what an agent is getting into if they decide to rent a property to a Uniting-supported customer. educate, we work with very competent and intelligent people. people who are capable of being very good tenants, they just need to try. funded places available throughout the year. Support workers can also take the program to improve their ability to advocate for their clients. Ms Manford said the team would look to embed the education program in Year 12 classrooms. they get their name on a rental agreement and understanding what’s going to happen if they damage their rental history at that point would be a really powerful thing,” she said. I don’t understand the ramifications and how long it will affect them.” Ms Manford said she had worked with many clients who had difficulty securing a private rental due to issues in the past. programme, led by the Tenancy Skills Insitute, at the National Homelessness Conference in Darwin in 2019. Uniting staff worked with the institute to design the course in accordance with Victorian law, as the only Victorian agency delivering the course Adam Liversage, senior director of Uniting Ballarat Homelessness, said other successful programs had shown that people who had already struggled could maintain tenancies with the right supports.The lack of affordable private tenancies and low vacancy rates make it difficult for many individuals and families to secure a home through the private rental system. Have you subscribed to The Courier’s variety of informational emails? You can sign up below and make sure you’re up to date with everything happening in Ballarat.


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