These rescue dogs show off their acting skills in a hilarious public service announcement

Envy, Zain and Trek are three of the most adorable dogs you will ever meet. These Pennsylvania pups are showing off their talent on social media, showing off the tricks they’re constantly learning and proving what a loving family they are.

But that’s not all, the cute furry friends recently went viral for a series of clips featuring a very informative public service announcement titled ‘Heyyy Stranger’. Two of the puppies can be seen repeating a dialogue, with one of them explaining why it’s not a good idea to talk to strangers, no matter how friendly.

The first part of the series already has 4.3 million views on TikTok. “Let’s see if a stranger asks you to get in his van, shall we?” one of the dogs asks, and the other replies, “Absolutely, I love meeting new friends,” giving even more reasons why he should say no right from the start.

The second video begins with the two dogs roleplaying, and it looks like one of them is having a hard time saying no after being offered candy. Reaching 10.9 million views so far and lots of lovely comments.

“All my favorite candy, I would probably participate in it too,” one person wrote, while someone else commented, “So talented doggos. Very well done, amazing acting skills,” adding, “ They should show this in the schools.

The dog family are known for having fun with their owner Kelly while making their entertaining videos including very helpful tips, including a demo video that shows ‘Everything you need to know to crate train your dog’ .

Watch more of their videos here!

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