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The Italian government and Palazzo Chigi officials love Xinjiang’s Muslim political prisoners: they are spied on by cameras from the same company, Hangzhou Digital Technology, a Chinese manufacturer of video surveillance systems. After a first revelation of the magazine Wired, the question also arrives in Parliament, with a question from MEPs Enrico Borghi and Filippo Sensi, who are addressing the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministries of Defense and Interior, to check whether they have assessed the national security risks a contract which concerns strategic sectors of the public administration: mainly the seat of government and the listening rooms of the Italian prosecutors. In addition, second, also “entrances, entrances and corridors of the Ministry of Culture in the central office where the minister sits Dario Franceschini“.

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The problem, explain the two parliamentarians, concerns the suspicions about the manufacturing company, already conveyed by a document from the European Parliament, which specifies that “Hikvision was accused of providing surveillance equipment to the internment camps … there is a unacceptable risk that Hikvision, through its operations in Xinjiang, will contribute to serious human rights violations“. Thus, during the installation of equipment of the same origin in Brussels and Strasbourg, the Secretary General of the European Parliament was invited” to terminate the contract with Hikvision and to remove all the thermal cameras of this company from the premises of the Parliament ”and the presidential office have been called upon to be more careful“ in choosing suppliers. ”Those who persevere in using the service, on the other hand, face the possibility of state secrets ending up. in the hands of a foreign power. In this sense, British government offices have also recently been sensitized by Tibetan activists to remove the Hikvision devices present in the national departments of Work and Pensions, and of Health and Welfare. ‘Social assistance, as well as the Department of Justice. Even Americans have noticed and “the United States Department of Defense has published a list of twenty Chinese companies – including Hi kvision – accused of entertaining. close links with the People’s Liberation ArmyWith such “entities owned, controlled, or affiliated with China’s government, military industry, or defense,” the Pentagon warns that no deal needs to be done. The mechanism of penetration is as technologically complex as it is. ‘it is immediately and universally understandable in its military and intelligence objectives. Indeed, “the Chinese company’s equipment would be based on cloud-type systems, a circumstance which, in the absence of appropriate cybersecurity measures, would expose the data at the risk of remote acquisition and analysis, favoring their reprocessing, management and communication, even in real time. ”In practice, they could record the conversations or executive meetings of Prime Minister Draghi and broadcast them in Beijing.

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In short, to ensure that knowledge is not transferred to Beijing without the knowledge of the heads of Italian institutions, it is necessary to thoroughly review the control procedures as soon as possible, and perhaps even to assess their adequacy, given that “in consideration of the increased exposure to cyberthreats, various provisions have been adopted in our legal system in order to ensure a high level of network security, information systems and IT services of public administrations, as well as national, public and private entities and operators, through the establishment of a national cybersecurity perimeter and the implementation of measures to guarantee standards necessary to minimize the risk. ”That data theft is a realistic assumption is also demonstrated by“ research conducted on the Shodan site, a research portal that lists data relating to systems exposed on the Internet. ”It as it emerges, explain Borghi and Sensi, “that there would be thousands, in the Italian cyber domain, of Hikvision devices exposed on the net. A number returned certainly reduced compared to the real number of devices present in Italy, because the data do not include closed networks ”. We all ended up in Big Brother, but without our knowledge.

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