The number of apartments bought for cash is increasing.


Last year, investors sold nearly 22.3 thousand. apartments. Their buyers were individuals and enterprises who decided to buy the premises for cash. Why such a change among consumers? It results from the good economic situation and the constantly rising price of flats. How much has their value increased in the last year? 

22.3 Thousand apartments sold in a year

22.3 thousand apartments sold in a year

Housing prices are constantly rising. Developers have felt this and in the last four quarters they have seen a drop in the volume of residential sales. However, they did not experience any financial losses. A smaller number of flats sold for a higher price also brought a satisfactory income.

The portal has verified the current activities of listed developers. Observation shows that despite the growing value of flats, Poles are more and more willing to buy them. What’s more, the investment is financed not by mortgage, but cash. Already in the second quarter of this year, the largest developers sold almost 5.7 thousand. apartments. It’s almost 3 percent. more than a year ago. Last year, real estate market leaders sold over 22.3 thousand. apartments.

Real estate a way to invest savings?

Real estate a way to invest savings?

The number of recently sold apartments is not falling, and is even growing. It is caused by thicker wallets of Poles and good economic situation visible on the market. Citizens are increasingly willing to invest their savings in their apartments. Due to the increase in their value, it is becoming more and more profitable.

Domiport’s report, implemented in cooperation with says that housing prices have risen by as much as 11 percent last year. It is due to a higher rate of land or building materials. The value of the premises does not deter investors, however. They are increasingly willing to buy apartments for cash. Perhaps this is a good decision at a time when interest rates on deposits and keeping cash on them does not bring much profit.


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