The most important aspects of a first online loan.



On the non-banking market, the first online loans without fees have become a standard. This means that new clients of a given company only give away capital. They do not pay interest, commissions, preparation fees or other non-interest costs.

Outer material

Outer material

Non-bank loans, in other words quick loans or payday loans, are granted by entities other than banks. These are most often credit brokers. These include, for example, the Wise Company.

Reliable lenders put all the most important information about themselves on their pages, e.g. in the regulations of the service. There we will find address and KRS number.

The amount of non-bank loan online

The amount of non-bank loan online

The minimum amount of a non-bank loan is generally PLN 200. The maximum amount is around 3-4 thousand. PLN, while regular customers – when diligently fulfilling their previous obligations – can borrow more.

Due to the easy availability of loans for small amounts, non-bank loans are a good solution for those who need a quick and not too big financial injection. Banks are rather reluctant to grant small loans.

The amount of the first loan over the internet

The amount of the first loan over the internet

Many loan brokers grant their clients a first loan of no more than 1-1.5 thousand. zł. Along with the subsequent receivables settled by the consumer, the limit of the amount that can be taken increases.

With a third or fourth loan, it is higher, e.g. by PLN 500. When we borrow for the fifth or sixth time, we can apply for PLN 1,000. PLN more than the first time. With each subsequent loan, the limit increases by up to 2,000. zł.

Such a system provides security for the service provider. He can be sure that the person taking the debt will be able to pay it back and will do it systematically. It also supports customer loyalty.

First loan for free in practice

Some companies in the non-banking sector offer customers the option of taking their first loan for free. This means that they do not charge any fees that are usually associated with such a service.

In other words, the borrower gives back as much as he borrowed, i.e. the capital itself. It is not charged with any commission, interest, preparation fees, application fees, initial fees, etc.

Example. A person who wants to borrow 1 thous. PLN for 30 days, must pay approx. 260-300 PLN only interest. Thanks to the promotion, it can save this money.

Extension of the payday loan repayment period

If the customer knows that he will not be able to settle the debt within the time limit specified in the contract, he should contact the lender immediately.

Usually, the company providing payday loans allows you to postpone the repayment date – on the conditions specified in the regulations. Usually, this involves paying a commission for such an activity.

Requirements for those interested in a quick loan

The most important conditions for applying for a non-bank loan are four criteria:

  • Polish citizenship
  • coming of age or completing 20 or 21 years of age (depending on the requirements of a particular company),
  • permanent employment,
  • no entry in the National Debt Register.


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