Strategy World War II (SSM) has been set until 2023

RTS strategy The second war has been postponed to 2023.

Men of War is an in-depth strategy game. It is developed by Better Way and published by Fulcrum Publishing. The game was supposed to release in 2022, but today the developers announced that the game will be able to release it until 2023. The game was delayed for several reasons – due to the war in Ukraine and the time needed to learn more .

The Ukrainian studio Best Way suffered from the unfortunate war in Ukraine. Although the developers have resumed work recently, they have conducted various playtests to the satisfaction of the community. Fans praised the new features and improved gameplay. Also, due to feedback, developers will introduce more features that require more development time.

Over time, the developers will introduce content such as a standalone campaign for the Third Reich, missions for other factions, user interface, and more. The team also released a new trailer for this game! In the trailer, viewers got a peek at some of the games, along with other gameplay on many fronts, as the intense battle unfolded.

Players will enter World War II with historically accurate incidents on the Eastern and Western Fronts. When playing in the battlefield, players must use tactics and strategy to win the war!

What do you think of the two thirty-somethings? Have you tried Presenter? Do you have fun with the men of World War II? What do you think of this delay? How much is the next game? Are you interested in different games that have been delayed?


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