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As a city builder, your main objective in the game is to build small settlements, starting from the burning Citadel to uncharted wilderness. The roguelike aspect brings a touch of uncertainty to every attempt. Conditions will change, with different starting rules dictating your approach.

The heart of the gameplay of against the storm tries to find a delicate balance in the face of the two major forces of the world. More immediately, you have the queen. Your work on a settlement will be constantly timed, as the queen’s impatience slowly increases the longer you go. A bar at the bottom of the screen marks the countdown to the monarch’s wrath. Fulfilling the queen’s orders lowers the bar and will come with rewards. These rewards come in the form of new building options. The rewarded buildings are a selection of somewhat random choices, from which you can choose one. Expanding quickly and pursuing goals are important to staying in favor with your superiors, but expanding too far too quickly can awaken the other major power, the forest.

Nature itself is a huge factor in this world. As you cut down trees, appoint loggers, enter groves, and do other things that involve plundering natural resources from the forest, his hostility grows. There are ways to keep this under control, such as building more hearths, however, not getting it under control will cause massive debuffs on your colony.

With these two opposing forces working on you, against the storm becomes a game of trying to balance your controls without pushing the earth around you too much. It’s not an easy task, especially when you have to deal with different peoples. Your villages are made up of several different creatures. Initially, you have humans, horsetooth beavers, and large scaly lizards. All of these creatures have different jobs they are qualified for and different jobs they enjoy. Lizards, for example, are skilled hunters, although what they really enjoy are jobs like working ovens, as it keeps their cool warm. If a species’ needs are not properly nurtured, it will begin to desert the colony, which is a bad time by any measure.

If you fail, it’s not the end of the world. Each village is just one round in a bigger game, and you can keep trying to settle one more time, this compensates for RNG issues and keeps things from feeling too harsh or unfair.

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