Spire Solutions partner with Cyberbit to improve cyber skills across the GCC and Egypt

Spire Solutions, a value-added distributor and cybersecurity solutions provider and Cyberbit, a cybersecurity skills development and readiness platform provider, announced a strategic partnership.

The collaboration aims to strengthen cybersecurity in the GCC countries and Egypt and sensitize leaders on the importance of the human element in cybersecurity.

Cyberbit’s platform spans the entire e-skills spectrum, from developing e-skills and experiential learning to assessing team and individual performance in real-world scenarios.

The platform emphasizes the human element of cyber defense and includes the Hyper Realistic Cyber ​​Range, giving cybersecurity professionals the ability to train against simulated real-world cyberattacks in an operations center virtual security.

Analysts use real-world networks and security tools, giving them the hands-on experience they need to successfully prevent and mitigate real-world attacks.

Sanjeev Walia, Founder and Chairman of Spire Solutions, said, “The GCC countries and Egypt are among the world’s largest energy, logistics, transportation and financial hubs, making them attractive targets for cyber attackers. Cybersecurity professionals need to constantly improve their knowledge, and hands-on experience is crucial. By partnering with Cyberbit to develop advanced cybersecurity skills, we will address the human element, reduce business risks and strengthen cybersecurity in the region.

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