Skills-Based Hiring Trend Studies Report

A new report focusing on the growing use of digital accreditation in education, workforce development and hiring was released on Tuesday.

“Digital Credentials and Competency Frameworks Exploring Employer Readiness and Use in Talent Management” was published by the 1EdTech Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to accelerate technological ecosystems to make education systems more efficient. The report was based on a survey examining the growing global trend in which educational institutions have responded to labor market demands by developing and issuing shortened credentials.

The authors of the report argue that the pandemic has accelerated the use of online education platforms and the digitization of recruiting and hiring in the workforce, but that “the crucial employer demand side of the equation is still under-explored ”.

The report is inspired by a survey conducted in May of 750 human resources managers and is the result of a collaboration between the 1EdTech Foundation and the Wellspring initiative of IMS Global Learning Consortium, which seeks to unite institutions and companies to accelerate a culture of education at work.

The most notable findings include:

  • Responding to questions that explored specific approaches to skills-based hiring, 36% of HR managers said they are relaxing or eliminating college degree requirements.
  • Almost a third of respondents cited “frustration with college and university products” as a reason they consider competency-based hiring.
  • About half of the HR managers surveyed had little or no knowledge of digital badges.
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