See what’s cooking! Local students learn cooking skills in a fun new way

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan (WOTV) – Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) has hired Sage Kitchen to deliver an eight-week virtual cooking course in safety and cooking to high school students in Lakewood and Portland. Students learn time management, recipe tracking, cleaning, prep work, quality checks, safety, proper food handling, use of kitchen utensils, and the Brigade system are just a few. -some of the strategies taught. Lakewood High School has twelve participating students, where students make connections between food, nutrition and health. This unique learning experience offers students the opportunity to learn new skills that will help them in their transition from school to work. Chef Karen virtually teaches the basics of cooking in a competition-style experience.

“I like the experience a lot. I even tried some of the recipes at home. Shared student Kailie Gardner. “Pastry is a science,” said Chef Karen. “Liquid versus dry measurement, efficiency, are all things you need to know in a professional kitchen.”

The first thirty minutes of class are devoted to teaching, instructions and safety. The second half of the lesson, the students cook in teams. All entries are kept secret, until students open boxes filled with the necessary ingredients. There are three groups of students and six recipes that must be prepared, prepared and presented in one hour. It was first tested in Portland last year. It was a great experience for staff and students. It’s a community partnership like the one with the Michigan Rehabilitation Services Kitchen Sage program that enhances teaching and empowers local students.

“It’s not something I would do on my own, but experiencing it at school is fun.” Shared Eathan Clark, a student in the program. “The level of teamwork and dedication is not normally seen sitting in a classroom. The students have been great at supporting each other in the learning process,” said teacher Ms. Doran.

“I really like hands-on learning.” – Christopher Blair, student.

Students will receive copies of all recipes at the end of the course. Student Breia Evans shared “I love to cook. I can’t wait to try all the recipes at home. The program is currently being implemented in two schools in Ionia County. Ms. Doran (Lakewood HS) and Ms. Chaffee (Portland HS) would like to see the program expand across the county to other schools. For more information, contact the Ionia Middle School District.

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