Schoolnet partners with GUVI to extend the reach of coding skills to students subscribing to their flagship product Geneo

~Partnership will enable students to learn coding through gamification~

Schoolnet India Ltda unique, innovative and leading EdTtech company and GUVI Geek Networks. ltd.the EdTech vernacular has teamed up to impart coding skills to all students registering on Geneo.

GUVI, an IIT-M & IIM-A incubated EdTech startup, is India’s first vernacular platform that has touched the lives of over 17 Lakh learners. HackerKID is GUVI’s specially curated playful coding platform for children that adopts unique pedagogies to provide essential knowledge of cutting-edge technology to children in grade 6 and up. HackerKID offers challenging game levels wrapped with different levels of programming concepts. The Schoolnet-GUVI collaboration will open the doors to advanced technology and reading programming education for all Schoolnet learners.

On the other hand, Noida-based Schoolnet India, which has impacted over 100,000 schools with its unique digital classroom solutions with seamless after-school learning for students, sees this collaboration as a pronounced step towards a better technological future. Schoolnet believes in harnessing and leveraging technology to democratize education, providing lifelong learning opportunities for all. The partnership with GUVI is another Schoolnet effort to bring quality digital learning to everyone. This collaboration would add to their efforts to bring the right technology to schools and teachers.

Through this collaboration, GUVI and Schoolnet expect students to be future-ready with advanced programming knowledge and keep them abreast of cutting-edge technology upgrades.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. RCM Reddy, MD and CEO, Schoolnet says, “We believe that every child learns differently, so personalization is very important at every stage of the learning journey. Thus, Geneo follows a unique pedagogical approach by subject to help students learn better. Through this partnership, students will also have the chance to learn coding through gamification and become more engaged.

The Memorandum of Understanding between Schoolnet and GUVI was signed in the presence of Mr. Arun Prakash M, CEO and Founder of GUVI, Mr. Balamurugan SP, Co-Founder of GUVI, and Mr. Praveen Kumar, Head of Growth Unit at GUVI. They were accompanied by Schoolnet’s Chief Digital Officer, Mr. Shourie Chatterji.

Mr. Arun Prakash M, Founder and CEO, GUVIexpressed his views and said:

“With this partnership and the integration of HackerKID with Geneo, we aspire to provide the best in coding and advanced technology skills to as many students as possible. With this collaboration, we aim to redefine India’s future d a technological point of view with a more brilliant and progressive education.

Adding to these thoughts, the Head of Growth Unit at GUVI, Mr. Praveen Kumar, said, “This partnership will bring something BIG! Programming is a great skill, and this endeavor will touch the lives of one and all with a primary focus for children, the future torchbearers. We are planning a brand: HackerKID, which every parent will look forward to for their child!

In addition to these thoughts, the Chief Digital Officer at Schoolnet, Mr. Shourie Chatterji, said, “As we anticipate, coding will be a must-have skill for students in all geographies and with this partnership, every Geneo student will learn coding while staying aligned with the school curriculum.”

About SchoolNet

Schoolnet India Limited ( provides a wide range of services to ensure lifelong learning and skills for students and young people in line with UN SDG 4. As a market leader in EdTech and professional training services since 1997, it has a presence in 400 districts of India and has innovative and digital-enabled digital solutions for teaching and learning.

Through multi-stakeholder partnerships with governments, the private sector, institutions and international agencies, Schoolnet reaches 25 million students and teachers in 1,00,000 schools.

About Guvi

IIT Madras Incubated Edtech company GUVI imparts advanced education and technology programming skills to aspiring individuals in their preferred native languages. GUVI’s HackerKID platform is a new platform that makes learning fun through a playful environment. GUVI strives to bridge the gap between inquisitive young minds and advanced technological developments.

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