Schattdorf uses the image of the concentration camp for its website

At the entrances to many concentration camps were the slogan “Work sets you free” – a fanciful contradiction used by the Nazis for the supposed educational purpose of the camps, which killed millions.

This statement is still negative today and is only used by neo-Nazis. And currently also from the municipality of Schattdorf, as reported by “20 minutes”.

The administration of Uri indicates on its website that the community will remain closed on the day of recognition. For the message “Closed Monday, August 15, 2022! She uploaded a photo with the words “Work sets you free”.

A stupid mistake, according to the community

The photo shows the entrance to the former Dachau concentration camp, the first concentration camp to be built as a permanent settlement. Located about 20 kilometers north of Munich, it was first used for political assassinations and for training purposes for concentration camp guards and SS leaders. According to official figures, around 41,500 of at least 200,000 prisoners died.

Why does the church announce its holidays with such an image? Daniel Munch, general manager of Schatdorf Community, told Blick it was “a very shameful mistake made by an employee.” Neither they nor the municipality or canton of Uri are anti-Semitic or racist in any way, the error being made out of “pure political ignorance”. As an ethnic German for himself, the phenomenon was a “double evil”. Munch: “I can only apologize for this, I don’t expect any understanding for the mistake. It’s unforgivable. But I ask you to understand that it’s only because of a hole in education politics, someone has no other thought.”

He spoke seriously to the employee and explained to him. There will be no employment law consequences for you, it will be disproportionate. “But she can walk around with a guilty conscience today.” He also decided to launch an internal investigation into the dark chapter of World War II to fill these gaps in education. And: “In the future, I will check all images and texts before they are published. Because this case showed me how great the power of image and text is, not only for media companies, but also for others. »

The photo has since been edited.

The moderator had to leave, others apologized

In the past, the regular use of this phrase has caused scandals. During the German federal election campaign of 2005, Ludwig Steigler (78), then deputy chairman of the SPD, explained that the CDU’s election slogan, “Social is what does the work”, reminded him ” Work makes you free “. Later, he apologized for the comparison.

In 2012, a presenter and assistant were fired from local radio station Gong 96.3 after the presenter addressed listeners who were supposed to be working with the words “Work sets you free” at an event on the last Saturday. of July.

There was a scandal in 2019 when VW CEO Herbert Diess (63) tried to motivate his employees at an event by repeatedly using the slogan “Ebit sets you free”. He then apologized. (of)

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