SaxaVord Spaceport launches education strategy

SaxaVord Spaceport has released its education strategy in partnership with the Shetland Islands Council’s Space Education Employment and Skills Pipeline working group.

The strategy aims to encourage learning in STEAM subjects up to tertiary level, with a view to creating a skilled and enthusiastic workforce across the UK. It will also inform the public about exciting opportunities in the country’s growing space sector.

SaxaVord Spaceport’s mission is to build on Shetland’s heritage of exploration, innovation and collaboration to establish the UK as Europe’s premier New Space base. Spaceport hopes to maximize educational and societal benefits for the UK, while caring for the environment and promoting a skilled and diverse workforce.

The strategy confirms partnerships with international academic bodies, such as the University of Strathclyde and the University of Alaska to promote STEAM subjects.

The spaceport will work with governments and agencies including the Shetland Islands Council, Department for Education, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the UK Space Agency as well as with industrial partners like HyImpulse to achieve its objectives.

SaxaVord Spaceport will forge collaborative opportunities through these partnerships to inspire individuals and develop the UK’s space workforce. Current initiatives planned at SaxaVord include Mike Mongo’s Astronaut Job Clubs for children as well as youth internships at the Spaceport.

Mason Robbins, Head of Education and Innovation at SaxaVord, commented: “Our education strategy will ensure everyone, from one to 101, is inspired by the space and will increase engagement with topics. STEAM Space has the power to motivate and invigorate and the whole of the UK stands to benefit from the industry.

Frank Strang, CEO of SaxaVord Spaceport, said, “This strategy marks an exciting next step for SaxaVord. I am particularly looking forward to increasing the number of placements for UK and overseas students here.


“As we move forward with the development of Shetland as a space location, we are aware that we also need to work with a range of like-minded organizations across the country to ensure that the UK United is Europe’s space hub.”

For more details, the report includes a visualization of how SaxaVord Spaceport intends to implement this strategy at all age levels, from space leaders visiting nurseries, to resume and interview assistance for employment opportunities in space.

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