Saint Paul’s International Academy launches craft classes to impart skills and de-stress students

Srinagar, November 9: As the school calendar of schools in Jammu and Kashmir has been synchronized with the rest of the country, to make good use of the extra time, a school in Srinagar has started handicraft classes to impart skills to students and de-stress them. .

Saint Paul International Academy, Srinagar in collaboration with EdRAAK (Renewal of Education through Arts and Aesthetics in Kashmir) has launched the first formal Paper Machie Craft course for undergraduate students which started today today.

The children were introduced to craftsmanship by internationally renowned artist Zaffar Wani.

The introductory class involved a group of different classes from the school, the basics of papier-mâché known as “Sakht”. Beginners ended the day with the basic artistic exercise using pen and paper.

Grace Paljor, Founder and Director of the International Academy of Saint Paul, shared her perspective on the idea of ​​starting craft classes at school.

“Since the school calendar has been extended, we want our children to learn new crafts that will make them skilled. In addition, these activities de-stress the students. We have created various creative groups in our school where our students can explore their talents and hone their skills,” she said.

EdRAAK Founder, Iliyas Rizvi, who has been working in the field of creativity through arts and crafts and heritage for a decade, spoke about the essence of learning arts and crafts in the age of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

While involving the students in recreational exercises, he said, “Kashmir is the land of handicrafts. Introducing these at the basic school level helps students learn and identify with local elements of art and culture. Also, in a time when we are influenced by machines and algorithms, the essence of creativity through arts and crafts helps fuel human emotions. It helps individuals to connect with themselves even when they have challenges in life.

Iliyas who is also a student of handicrafts at Central University of Kashmir further said that creativity shapes a person’s personality and makes him more humble and resilient so that he finds the best solutions to deal with problems. of life.

While talking about the handicrafts, Zafar Wani said that Kashmiri papier-mâché handicrafts are famous all over the world. “Craftsmanship is soothing and has a huge global market. Children should get their hands on the craft. The introduction of craftsmanship in educational institutions can also lead to its revival,” he said.

A few months ago, the administration of Jammu and Kashmir ordered that the annual exam for grades up to 9th should be held in the March-April session. Until the previous year, the academic calendar followed a session from October to November.

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