Russia’s New Strategy for Conquering kyiv: Starving the Population to Surrender?

Russia tries to block the routes of humanitarian convoys to Kyiv – JThe Russian Defense Ministry claims to have achieved its initial goals and told its state media that the aim of the “special military operation” was the capture and detention of the Russian-ruled breakaway areas of Donestk and Lugansk, which they regard as independent republics. .

However, after taking heavy losses In and around kyiv after failed attempts to capture the capital, Russian troops are digging around the city in defensive positions to keep pressure on Ukrainian defences, while continuing to shell the city with massive amounts of artillery and missile fire that take an increase in the civilian population toll.

Ukrainian troops around kyiv who spoke to the New York Times appreciated the United States and the United Kingdom for the influx of Javelin missiles and NLAW anti-tank rockets that wreaked havoc on Russian armored vehicles that attacked kyiv.

But the Russians are also trying to extend a “corridor” around the capital of Kyiv to stop supply routes that bring weapons, ammunition and food to soldiers and civilians in the city.

Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar told a television news crew that the Russians were trying to cut off supplies to the Ukrainian people in Kyiv.

“kyiv’s defense continues. Ground forces, air assault forces, special operations forces, homeland defense are involved. Kyiv residents are also very active in the defense of Kyiv. It is very difficult for the enemy. But we must speak honestly: the enemy is not giving up attempts to seize kyiv after all. Because taking kyiv is essentially taking Ukraine. So that’s their goal. »

However, Kyiv tries to appear as usual if conditions permit and online classes will resume on Monday.

“The purpose of distance education during the war is not only the acquisition of knowledge, but also the psychological support, communication and change of attention of children,” said Valentyn Mondryivsky, vice president of Kyiv State Administration, in a press release.

Special forces unit wreaking havoc on Russian columns:

As previously reported, the Russian military had long columns of armored vehicles which were blocked due to Ukrainian resistance and lack of logistical support.

[1945 rapporté plus tôt au sujet de la colonne russe de 40 km de long dirigée vers Kiev qui était au point mort. Mais cette colonne a été durement touchée et a subi des pertes importantes à cause d’un petit contingent de 30 hommes des forces spéciales ukrainiennes.

Opérant sur de petits quads mobiles, cette unité SF a pu appeler des frappes de drones T2 qui ont fait payer un lourd tribut aux forces russes. Dans un rapport au cours du week-end par, il a été rapporté que de petites équipes de paramilitaires de la CIA et des équipes A des bérets verts avaient mené une formation approfondie avec les SOF ukrainiennes et que leur formation portait ses fruits.

Cette unité pourrait très bien en être un exemple. L’unité SF ukrainienne, commandée par le lieutenant-colonel Yaroslav Honcha, peut s’approcher furtivement sur les quads et équipée de lunettes de vision nocturne (NVG), de fusils de sniper, de mines déclenchées à distance, de drones équipés de caméras thermiques et d’autres capables de larguer de petites bombes sur des concentrations de troupes russes.

«Cette seule petite unité dans la nuit a détruit deux ou trois véhicules en tête de ce convoi, et après cela, il a été bloqué. Ils y restèrent deux nuits de plus, et [destroyed] many vehicles,” Honchar said.

“We are like a hive of bees,” Honchar added. “A bee is nothing, but if you are faced with a thousand, it can defeat a great force. We are like bees, but we work at night.

Steve Balestrieri is a national security columnist from 1945. He served as a non-commissioned officer and warrant officer in the U.S. Army Special Forces before injuries forced him into early separation. In addition to writing for 19fortyfive.comhe covered the NFL for for over 10 years and his work has been regularly featured in the Massachusetts Millbury-Sutton Chronicle and Grafton News newspapers.

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