Richard Frederick: Political Divisions Hinder Development

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Housing and Local Government Minister Richard Frederick said political divisions are a stumbling block to Saint Lucia’s development.

The MP for Castries Central spoke at a ceremony on Thursday to unveil the ‘Alex Bousquet Corner’ dedicated to the memory of the late Daher Broadcasting Service (DBS) journalist who died in October last year.

“In this country, ladies and gentlemen, we are generally opposed to giving Jack his jacket. Everything in this country depends on political allegiance or political loyalty,” Frederick said.

“If someone is not a member of your party, you destroy their ability,” the minister said.

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But he explained that shouldn’t be the case.

According to Frederick, these divisions hinder development, resulting in “square pegs in round holes”.

He recalled that although Serenity Park in Castries was his brainchild, politics came into being when he was away from the political arena.

Serenity Park, Castries

The MP referred to a decision to remove a plaque from the park which ‘simply stated’ that he had opened the facility, which did not bear his name.

“We can, as a country, do better than that,” Frederick said.

Serenity Park officially opened to the public on May 15, 2011.

At the time, Frédéric was Minister of Urban Renewal.

But in February 2019, under the administration of the United Workers Party (UWP), the Castries facility was renamed Sir George William Mallet Serenity Park in honor of the late former UWP Castries Central MP and former Governor General.

The name change saw the unveiling of a plaque with the new name.

Frederick, who at the time had taken a break from elective politics, was re-elected MP for Castries Central in the general election on July 26, 2021 as an independent candidate.

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, whose Saint Lucia Labor Party (SLP) swept to power in the election, invited Frederick to join the cabinet.

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