PSP Partners to Bring Vocational Training Program to Permian Basin

Skillpoint Alliance – a Central Texas nonprofit organization that provides fast, free skills training in the skilled trades to low-income, underserved, and poorly accessible populations – announced today that, with support from the Permian Strategic Partnership, it extends its services to the Permian Basin in 2022.

Skillpoint Permian Basin will provide rapid training programs in electrical, HVAC and plumbing, among other trades, to Permian Basin communities in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico, with one program launching by the end of of 2022.

Recent studies show that by 2025, the continued growth of the industry and the shift to a residential rather than a rotating workforce in the basin will require 50,000 more workers – about half needed in the industry of energy – to meet the needs of the local and regional economy. Several professions in the region are considered to be in high demand, including electricians with a growth of 22% until 2028; plumbers, pipe fitters and steam fitters with 20% growth through 2028; and HVAC mechanics and installers with 19% growth through 2028.

“Skillpoint Alliance is thrilled to partner with the Permian Strategic Partnership to expand our programs that produce skilled professionals for some of the country’s fastest growing industries, including the energy industry, west of the Texas and southeast New Mexico,” said Kevin Brackmeyer, executive director. from Skillpoint Alliance. “There is a critical need for an experienced skilled trades workforce in the region, as well as a need for programs that focus on rapid workforce development and building skills related to employability. Skillpoint training is a starting point that can lead to on-the-job training or additional educational opportunities at one of the Permian Basin community colleges.

Participants in Skillpoint Alliance programs often return to the workforce after a period of absence, have already experienced difficulties, or are looking to acquire fundamental skills that will put them on a new path to employment in a short time.

“Skillpoint Alliance will fill a critical labor need in the Permian Basin. Basic knowledge in the skilled trades will prepare those not currently in the workforce to prepare for successful employment in the energy industry or other businesses that support the basin’s robust economy. Permian. The PSP saw a great need to identify people who want to work but might need to develop their skills to succeed. We look forward to seeing the success stories Skillpoint Alliance will produce as part of this initiative,” said Tracee Bentley, CEO of the Permian Strategic Partnership.

As part of the first phase of its expansion into the Permian Basin, Skillpoint Alliance will work to secure its offices and training sites and hire key personnel by July. Positions include a Permian Basin program manager, clerical staff, classroom instructors, and a rural programming coordinator.

“Skillpoint Alliance is grateful to the Permian Strategic Partnership for the opportunity to provide the Permian Basin with rapid workforce education and training in industries critical to economic prosperity,” said Melanie Flowers, Board Chair of the Skillpoint Alliance. Administration of Skillpoint Alliance. “The programs are free to all participants, and we are excited to not only train new professionals, but also provide reliable, qualified employees to local businesses in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico. “

Initial funds to expand the program to the Permian Basin will be provided through a grant awarded by the PSP. The training program was funded for its first four years. After the grant period, the training program will have become an integral part of the workforce ecosystem in the Permian Basin and will be self-funding through a mix of philanthropic, state, and local dollars.

Those interested can visit for more information, including hiring details, on training programs.

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