Paradox Interactive could create a great fun and fantastic strategy game

Paradox Development studio made a name for himself in the grand strategy genre. games like Cross Kings 3, Stellarisand Hearts of iron 4 have fascinated strategy fans for hours. Each game is packed with content and offers very different experiences in very distinct environments. Strategy fans can’t wait to see where Paradox Development Studio takes them next, and maybe it should be a fantasy setting this time around.

Paradox tried all sorts of different settings for its grand strategy titles, but it never brought players into a fantasy world of magic and monsters. hearts of iron whisked players away to World War II, Crusader Kings brings them back to the Middle Ages, the Victoria the series introduced players to the Victorian period, and Stellaris threw them into the stars. All of these titles introduced new gameplay mechanics and settings, but they all stayed true to the grand strategy genre that Paradox seemingly perfected. If mods for Crusader Kings are something to pass on, that same framework could very well work in a whole new fantasy world.


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Paradox is ready for big fantasy strategy games

Paradox Development Studio has been developing great PC strategy games since 1995, and it shows no signs of stopping. The studio has become a staple in PC gaming, and most strategy fans have spent hours playing one of its games. It’s created titles in all sorts of different settings and spawned several different strategy franchises that have gained decently sized fanbases. He dabbled in real estate and also took a trip to science fiction. Throughout it all, the basic framework of his grand strategy model remained.

Each game from Paradox Development Studio offers different experiences for players to test their mettle. Crusader Kings at Stellaris, Paradox has honed its skills in delivering deep and complex grand strategy experiences across all sorts of genres. Each title has a bit of a learning curve, but they’re all treats for grand strategy fans no matter what new setting Paradox jumps to.

Paradox has shown it knows how to play in history and sci-fi, and now it should try its hand at a fantasy-based title. Fantasy is a very popular genre that doesn’t have the strongest foothold in grand strategy right now. The closest the genre has come is with total war hammer who brought the total war formula at the war hammer universe. If Creative Assembly can successfully shape its total war franchise to a fantastic IP, then Paradox should be able to do that with their own grand strategy formula.

Modders for Crusader Kings have already shown that Paradox game mechanics work well in fantasy worlds. Modders created both the world of game of thrones and The Lord of the Rings inside of Crusader Kings Games. It allowed players to conquer some of the most popular fantasy worlds and allowed them to tell their own stories within. Paradox would probably want to create its own fantasy world, and mods serve as good justification for why Paradox has to make it happen.

Paradox’s next big strategy game will be Victoria 3 which is slated for release on October 25. After that, all eyes will be on what the studio does next. This may be the long-awaited sequel to Stellarisanother one Europe Universalisor even a new one hearts of iron, but it should be a fantasy-based game. The studio has never dabbled in the genre, and it could be excellent at it. It would allow Paradox run wild with his imagination, and the grand strategy kind may be better for him.

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