Open source FPGA development board iCEBreaker-bitsy

Soon, a new open source iCE40 FPGA development board in Teensy format will be released through the Crowd Supply website, providing a board supported by the following FPGA design tools: Yosys, nextpnr, IceStorm, Icestudio, nMigen and Litex. Unfortunately, no pricing or global availability information has been released yet, but as soon as information becomes available we will keep you updated as always.

“The iCEBreaker-Bitsy FPGA adds the powerful flexibility of an FPGA to your next project in a convenient Teensy format. It works out of the box with the latest open source FPGA development tools and easily integrates into a wide variety of projects.

ICEBreaker-bitsy FPGA Development Board Specifications

  • ICE40UP5k FPGA
    • 5280 logic cells (4-LUT + Carry + FF)
    • 128KB (16KB) dual port block RAM
    • 1MB (128KB) single port RAM
    • PLL, two hard IP SPI and two I2C
    • Two internal oscillators (10 kHz and 48 MHz) (for simple designs)
    • 8 DSP (16 × 16 multiplication + 32-bit accumulation) (for digital signal processing)
    • 3x 24 mA reader and 3x hard PWM IP (for the on-board RGB LED)
  • 128MB (16MB) QSPI-DDR compatible flash
    • Enables hardware designs that access flash; by choosing a Quad SPI Double Data Rate flash, designs can run at very high speeds.
  • QSPI Pseudo SRAM 64 MB (8 MB)
    • Provides additional RAM for more memory intensive designs.
  • Lots of I / O capable pins
    • Integrated RGB LED for status indication
    • Two discrete integrated LEDs
    • Fully controlled USB-C interface from FPGA (allows implementation of arbitrary low and full speed USB devices)
    • An on-board push button
    • 24 pins on the edge pads, compatible with model kits, 24 pin IC sockets and SMD soldering
  • Integrated DFU bootloader for easy programming
    • Supported natively by the dfu-util tool
    • Can be toggled to bootloader mode from user bitstream via button press or DFU stub.

The iCEBreaker-Bitsy FPGA Development Board is designed to be compatible with popular Teensy microcontroller boards. This gives you access to a library of carrier boards and extensions that can be used for prototyping, gateware and firmware development. With the Teensy to Feather Adapter Card, you can also access the ever-evolving Adafruit Feather ecosystem.

Source : Crowd supply

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