No real development in central Batavia | Letters

Good luck to Mme Maute in her temporary management of the Batavia Business Improvement District (article “The Daily News” of 12/29/21).

However, his highlighting of the “unique” section of Batavia town center in recent years: wine walks, beer walks, German beer festivals, is not going to “cut the mustard” for “the better.” Of Batavia. Ditto for its downtown festival projects, once again “unique”: “Christmas in the city”, “Summer in the city” (already tried, in fact for those with a longer memory, at one point this “unique” became a double, twice in the same summer (1993-1998 (?))!

Anyway, “get my drift”? I don’t think, and I don’t think you should, Madame Maute, believe that once an individual sets foot in the city center for a ‘walk’ or a festival, it will necessarily result in another adventure in the city. downtown, except of course for the “walk” or the annual festival. You need people to come back again and again to central Batavia to generate an ‘improvement’!

City of Batavia, you “blew up” by not locating the Genesee Community College in the city center of Batavia (before my time, BMT). Thank you, City of Batavia.

Batavia, you added “insult to injury” by not attracting “Walmart”, “Home Depot”, “Target”, etc., to downtown Batavia (in my time, DMT). Thank you, City of Batavia or County of Genesee. All of these institutions and commercial icons, individually, could have fitted in perfectly with the leveled space now still occupied by the Genesee Country Mall.

“My bad, City of Batavia?”

And you know what I fear most, Madame Maute, for the City of Batavia? You are going to “blow up” a third time (after my time, AMT).

You’ll get there with capitalism, but with the wrong kind of capitalism, in my opinion. ou will fill the downtown area with marijuana dispensaries, legal game stores, social service buildings.

They will bring feet to the sidewalks and public places of Main Street, Court Street, Jackson Street, etc. Alcohol, “highs”, “odds” and bets and pennies against the wall, but no real “improvement”.

I don’t know what downtown needs, I’m not a “business enhancer” let alone a city planner. Yet I know what he doesn’t need, me, the little man who sniffs the air of excitement: he doesn’t need apartments piled up above the supermarkets; a theater troupe anchoring a dead space; another brewery to get people drunk so they don’t think about their dead downtown; a musical performance space that invites participants to bring their folding garden chair to listen and observe amid deadly 70-year-old scenic backdrops!

What a desappointment. Can’t you at least encourage these babysitters to get up, sing and dance?

In other words, Batavia BID, are you going to “cut the bait or fish”, “shuck and jive”, “go down”, “sit or dance”? Sincerely, please tell me, do!

Instead of blindly and smoothly praising your predecessors and their programs, why don’t you come up with something unique, creative and new? Or is it too much to ask? The Batavians, for whatever reason, are very good at politeness, not very good at “look at me, I’m better”.

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