NHU proposed the strategy of building a talent hub.

Talent is the most valuable asset at all times. It is a strategic resource for achieving quality development and gaining a company’s core competitiveness. To achieve the goal of becoming the first fine chemical enterprise in China and the first in the world, NHU regards talent as the most important factor. That’s why we came up with the Build a Talent Hub strategy. We plan to bring together talents from all over the world and elevate the introduction and cultivation of talents to a strategic level.

Mr. Hu Bai fan, chairman of NHU, delivered an important speech at the 2021 annual recommendation meeting, presenting guiding opinions for the company to build a talent hub. We should study and understand the gist of the speech, focus on improving talent structure, management and productivity, and effectively promote the high-quality development of talent work. We will attract, cultivate and utilize talent holistically, giving them a stage to shine.

We need to expand recruitment channels and target the right talent. Today’s world is complex and constantly changing, and the introduction of talent faces new opportunities and challenges. There will be further changes to the forms and tools used to attract talent. Therefore, we must quickly adapt to new situations, update our concept and take the initiative to build a talent pool.

With the concept of equal emphasis on integrity and ability, and a precise match between talents and positions, we must develop the right talent strategy and build and improve the talent management system, so that the talents exceptional players can have a bigger stage to shine and perform to their strengths. We need to strengthen the dedication-oriented incentive mechanism and optimize the talent evaluation and promotion system. The multidimensional and scientific assessment of talent allows overperformers to stand out, be promoted and motivated to take on increasingly greater responsibilities, while gradually eliminating underperformers to optimize the talent portfolio.

We must emphasize responsibility, loyalty and commitment to employees, and uphold the idea of ​​working hard, but with happiness and pleasure. Through continuous training on the importance of code of conduct, commitment, mutual benefit and teamwork, we focus on building loyalty, pride and a sense of identity of employees towards the company. Managers and seasoned employees should free their minds to take responsibility for nurturing talent and explore different ways to guide their subordinates and newcomers to plan their careers and develop their skills, so that the company’s talent pool can be enriched.

It takes ten years to grow trees, but a hundred years to raise people. Building a talent pool is an ongoing project that lays the foundation for long-term benefits. The period of 14and The five-year plan is an essential term for the NHU to strengthen and expand its core business and embark on a new journey of high-quality development. It is also a crucial time for us to chart the course to become a world-renowned chemical technology company. We urgently need talent. It is imperative to build a talent hub.

Adhering to the concept of equal emphasis on integrity and ability, and a precise match between talents and positions, NHU will continue to view the workplace as a place of learning and employees as learners. . We will establish a multi-dimensional and multi-channel talent development mechanism through a series of methods, including coaching and mentoring, dual-track career development path, temporary position in production bases, recruitment and competitive promotion, posting overseas and rotation for leadership. These measures make it possible to make the most of each position, to transform the company into a talent incubator and to allow employees to grow with the company.

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