MultiVersus The Iron Giant Moveset & Strategy Guide

The Iron Giant, the larger-than-life alien robot from the Warner Bros. from 1999, has been loved by many over the years. It makes sense that he was added to the colorful cast of the new Warner Bros. platformer fighting game. MultiVersus.

The Iron Giant is true to his namesake, so he’s roughly twice the size of all the other characters. It’s both a pro and a con, depending on how it’s played. His large size could make him an easy target for enemy players, so it’s worth considering the specifics of his movesets, combos, and partners in order to play him effectively.

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What to know about the Iron Giant’s Moveset

The iron giant has a complex moveset based on rocket power and electricity mixed with fuel and bolt resource management. Like many others MultiVersus characters, his moves vary depending on whether he’s in the air or on the ground – and some moves vary even more when he’s in Rage Mode. Therefore, learning both movements is imperative. More MultiVersus the characters have a double jump, but The Iron Giant has rocket-propelled feet that lift him into the air, so he can stay aloft longer than any other character.

His regular moves include car crashing, kicking, stomping, and scrap throwing. His special moves include an attack where he grabs an enemy and carries them across the map, an attack/shield combo where he spins an old car around him, a steerable cannonball where he flies and slams at the point that the player chooses, and a circle of bolts that the iron giant summons around him with this armor.

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Strategies and combos to play as an iron giant

When playing as the Iron Giant, players should focus on consuming bolts as often as possible. He generates them when he eats the pieces of metal he summons through his metal generating kick attack. A piece of metal will fall to the ground nearby, and it is these pieces that generate the bolts. He can have up to five at a time, which is the best scenario for his neutral special attack. When used, the Giant’s health and that of his allies turn gray, and they cannot be damaged while the gray health bar lasts.

Players should also monitor the Iron Giant’s rage meter. The meter will fill up and when he enters Rage Mode, many more powerful additional attacks will become available until Rage Mode ends. His Rage Mode turns many of his normal or special attacks into attacks that fire lasers, shock enemies, fire projectiles, and create a shockwave.

Ideal partners for the iron giant

Since The Iron Giant is a tank, it’s best paired with heavyweight dealers who can deal damage from a distance. The Iron Giant should try to absorb as much damage as possible, allowing the other player to damage enemies without worrying too much about their own health. This is one case where the giant’s size really comes in handy. With the inclusion of character classes, choosing the best partners for The Iron Giant is easy. Assassins like Arya Stark, Finn, and Harley Quinn, or a mage/ranged character like Bugs Bunny or Tom and Jerry, pair the best with this massive tank.

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