MultiVersus Batman Moveset & Strategy Guide

Warner Bros.’ new platform fighter MultiVersus recently surpassed 10 million players just weeks after release. It is the first platform hunter to seriously threaten Smash Bros. with a range of relatively iconic characters. Many gamers turn to one of the DC Universe’s most iconic representatives, Batman, due to his high damage output and incredible mobility.

As a brawler, Batman usually wants to be on the front lines of a fight, but he’s also quite capable of attacking from a distance with his batarangs and batbombs. Batman has a variety of tools in his arsenal that give him some of the highest damage combos in the game. His mobility and utility are also top notch, as his unique passive “ninja training” makes him faster while being invisible and weakens his attacks. Batman can also hold jump to hover and dodge straight through the air from the ground, giving him advanced mobility options.

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What to know about Batman’s Moveset

Batman’s moveset focuses on supreme mobility and speed to quickly overwhelm opponents before disappearing into the shadows of his special Smoke Bomb. Several of Batman’s moves are useful for quickly moving around the stage. Its special side is a grappling hook that can grab both characters and the stage, which means it can be used to chase opponents or recover from the stage. His special air down is a quick divekick that can be directed side-to-side, which is very useful for surprising enemies from the air.

Batman’s normal attacks are pretty standard, with a few exceptions. His ground attack can be reused on hit to unleash a more powerful kick. His aerial and side attacks also have a more powerful second hit. The side air finisher sends opponents at a downward angle, so it’s extremely effective as an offstage combo ending. His ground side attack and up attack are both standard, side combo and up throw. Its air attack is a standard spike.

The most complicated and unique parts of Batman’s moveset are his neutral attack and his neutral special, the batarang and the bat. Batman’s batarang is a rechargeable, aimable projectile that returns to Batman if it does not hit an opponent. Even if it hits, the batarang will fall and Batman can pick it up, shortening the projectile’s cooldown. The Bat Bomb can be attached to enemies after Batman hits them. It can also be attached to the batarang to become a projectile. The Bat Bomb explodes after a time, dealing damage and knockback upwards to the opponent if they don’t dodge.

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Strategies and combos to play as Batman

True to character, Batman struggles to kill and requires a lot of build-up time to become truly powerful. His combos and neutral play are hard to master, but definitely worth a shot, as good Batman players will have more fun in MultiVersus than most other characters as they zoom into the scene and deal 70 damage. Using Batman’s unrivaled movement options to outwit opponents is key to his game plan.

In neutral, putting down your smoke canister is a good starting point. It boosts Batman’s already ridiculous speed and applies weakened to his attacks with the added bonus of making him invisible. Dodgejumping with a side air out of smoke at full speed will catch tons of players off guard, opening them up to a monstrous combo. Constantly using the batarang is necessary in neutral and combos, so learning how to aim it well is a must.

For combos, always start by equipping a bat if there is no longer a cooldown. If the combo is long enough, the bat will explode before they have a chance to dodge, dealing extra damage and further extending the combo. The side air is a great opening on a grounded opponent, as it leads to two side attack hits on the ground. From there, Batman can either perform a special attack to finish the combo on a high damage opponent, or go for a batarang extension.

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Batarangs can be used very effectively in the middle of a combo, and they will instantly cool when Batman picks them up. Batarang can be canceled with a forward dodge, leaving opponents open for two more ground attack hits. Capitalizing on beat-bombs is another tricky optimization: either the opponent will be hit by the explosion, putting them in hitstun for a free follow-up, or they’ll dodge just as it explodes. This predictable dodge can be easily punished.

For edge protection, Batman can use his low air, side air, or batarang to land quick ringtones on opponents, which he normally struggles with.

Ideal partners for Batman

Batman’s main weakness is his inability to take down opponents easily. He’s not lacking in damage, mobility, or utility, so the only thing Batman really needs in a partner are powerful kill moves. Examples of ideal partners would be hard-hitting murderers like Shaggy or ringout specialists like Finn the Human, though every character in the game enjoys Batman’s extreme damage and unparalleled speed.

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