“More cynical than the Nazis” – Zelenskiy denounces the Russian “concentration camp” in Mariupol: Top War Updates

Latest updates from the Russian-Ukrainian War: The conflict between Moscow and its smaller neighbor kyiv is well into the third month and there is speculation of dramatic action in Ukraine’s Donbass region even as Russian forces continue to shell major cities.

Here’s what makes the news on the 66th day of the Russian-Ukrainian war:
1: In his last national address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy describes the situation in Mariupol as grim. He said Russian forces were acting “more cynically” than the Nazis 80 years ago. He described current conditions in Mariupol as the “Russian concentration camp”. Zelenskiy also criticized Moscow for attacking kyiv during the visit of United Nations Secretary General António Guterres. He said the missile attack was a brutal humiliation of the United Nations.
2: In a startling claim, Ukrainian Agriculture Minister Taras Vysotskiy claims Russian troops stole several hundred thousand tons of food grain from storage facilities.
3: Saturday’s UK military update says Russia is merging and redeploying its units after failed attempts in northeast Ukraine. In the coming days, Russian troops would geographically concentrate their combat power for better tactical coordination, the British Ministry of Defense said in its daily update.
4: After using a hypersonic missile, Russia confirmed on Saturday that it used a diesel submarine deployed in the Black Sea to attack the Ukrainian target with Kaliber cruise missiles. This is the first time that Moscow has admitted the use of its submarine fleet in the ongoing conflict.
5: In a remark that could snowball into another controversy, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claimed that more than a million Ukrainians had been “evacuated” and taken to Russia from the so-called ” special military operations” which began on February 24 earlier this year. Previously, Ukraine had accused Russia of forcing people across the border.

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