Mets manager Buck Showalter wants ‘focus and effort’ from his players

The New York Mets intend to be in contention in 2022, and they’ve worked hard to put together a roster worthy of earning that moniker. At the office level, they brought in general manager Billy Eppler. To steer the canoe, they hired skipper Buck Showalter. And, to make a difference on the pitch, they signed Max Scherzer, Starling Marte, Mark Canha and Eduardo Escobar, among others.

Times are changing for the Mets, who have only disappointed since joining the World Series in 2015.

Showalter, speaking on MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM, said that He expects his players to give their all with the hope of playing to their full potential.

“There are great people here. I’ve seen that before. And it’s you know, any kind of creating the culture that they can be as good as they are capable of being. And having the only thing challenge everyday is a level game that they have to bring and the concentration that is required and the effort that is required. There is an old expression that stress never goes into a slump. You know, whatever’s at home or whatever’s off the pitch and they play that song at 7 o’clock, you better be ready.”

He will expect a lot from his players with the Mets, but wants to be there for them

The new Mets manager, a very experienced leader, also understands that he will have to adapt to his players just as he expects them to play good, tough baseball.

“You know, I want to eliminate the noise. It’s like with the media, you’re not trying to win. You try to survive it. And you understand that everyone does a job and you try to respect what everyone is supposed to bring. Everything is different. What we had to do in Baltimore, what we had to do in Arizona, or the Yankees in the 90s, was a different scenario.

“So the ability to adapt to the needs of the players, if it’s important to the players, it better be important to you.”

Winning the World Series with the Mets is the ultimate goal: “My wish is to be there when the last out is done in the World Series and walk up to my office and close the door and listen to the people outside celebrating. “

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