Meta has disbanded its hybrid Metaverse OS development team, report says

Source: Nick Sutrich | Windows Central

Microsoft isn’t alone in facing reports of internal upheaval surrounding development initiatives related to the Metaverse. Meta, the company responsible for launching Big Tech’s metaverse mania in October 2021, is also the subject of stories citing project cancellations.

The Information published a report stating that Meta’s planned hybrid operating system, which would serve as a common core for the company’s future AR and VR ambitions, is no longer happening. At least not for the moment. The operating system (codename: XROS) has been set to be at the heart of Meta’s two headsets as well as its AR glasses, which are on the way. It is said that XROS had a team of over 300 people dedicated to this and other operating system projects. Some of these employees are redirected to other projects. The editorial staff of Information cites “three people familiar with the situation” as a source.

This news comes shortly after similar reports surfaced regarding Microsoft’s cancellation of HoloLens 3, another metaverse-related project that’s not currently ready to see the light of day if the claims surrounding it are accurate. . The fact that a substantial number of augmented reality experts from Microsoft have joined Meta in recent memory is also relevant to the current discussion.

According to a statement from a Meta spokesperson shared with The Verge, the company is focused on “bringing more OS engineers directly into [its] AR and VR teams.” While this responds indirectly to the XROS report, it does not directly elaborate on the status of the project or its team.

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