MeckEd teaches basic life skills, etiquette to help kids be successful in the future

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Education isn’t just in the classroom, and it’s not just about being smart with books.

These are basic life skills – having a conversation and having good manners.

They can make all the difference in finding you a job one day.

So MeckEd teaches children etiquette.

The nonprofit has given the students a full course, and when they complete it, they have a chance to do something pretty cool.

“MeckEd is a college and career development institution that has been very committed to workforce development for quite some time and has an emphasis on ensuring that children who face barriers in the future. our community have a fair chance and a bright future, ”said Ross. Danis, from MeckEd. “Right now we are working with young people from Garinger, Harding University High, West Charlotte and Chambers High School before the pandemic, they were all at the bottom fifth of the economic ladder.”

MeckEd offers shadowing internships, paid internships, will pay for career clothing, transportation, food and certification programs to ensure that every young person in Mecklenburg County has the opportunity to live a life where they can s ‘flourish, both at school and outside of school. .

“And we think that doesn’t happen just by being in school,” Danis said. “School is not enough. To be educated, it takes more than school experiences. Everything you consume is considered a core. So we are teaching an etiquette course.

The class teaches table etiquette and good dinner manners.

“When you sit down, you sit on the left side, you stand up on the right side, you fold your towel, with the fold towards you, and leave it in your seat,” Danis said. “Things they didn’t know, I didn’t know when I was young, and yet I’m still learning. We are all still learning.

Danis says table etiquette could replace a formal dinner party, which could be important during interviews or just in becoming a successful person.

“Those kinds of things you would expect from a formal dinner party, or if you become a successful businessman,” Danis said. “When you step into your chair, you find yourself in situations where you have to practice these kinds of skills. And if you don’t have them, it can be the difference between having a job and having a career.

Danis said MeckEd had teamed up with Duke Mansion who provided them with space and a three-course meal.

“And we all arrived in clothes that our staff helped pick out, took them shopping to make sure they dressed appropriately,” Danis said. “And they were nervous at first. You know, there was a host, and the waiters would go out, but their meals one by one, and everyone was very intentional about which fork they used, which knife, how they chatted at the table with their partners, what not to. not say during a family dinner which will pose a problem and stay out of religion in politics.

“You will never know when you have the chance to go out for a fancy dinner,” said participant Shaniya Hampton. “You don’t want to feel like an outcast when you’re at the table and everyone knows what to do and you don’t, I think that should be basic skills. Everyone should know that sometimes you should step out of your comfort zone and know how to behave at the table per se. Like now, I have more confidence in my eating skills because I feel like everyone should know that.

“These days, the way we behave and behave in social situations greatly contributes to our success,” added Danis. “We could be the smartest person in the world and have the most degrees, but unless we can navigate this arena, we will be at a disadvantage. So yes, we teach etiquette, like intention. It’s one thing to fill out papers and have a program, but sometimes to see young lives transformed like that, you know, it’s powerful.

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