McCallum: Focus was key | Rangers Football Club

DAVID McCallum insists “focus” was the key message for the Young Gers this afternoon as they beat the University of Edinburgh 8-2 ​​in the Lowland League.

The B team boss was happy with the team’s performance but believes there are still areas where they can improve.

Speaking exclusively to RangersTV after the team’s victorious performance, he said: “I think the message before the game was to make sure that we put a lot of attention and focus into the game because we thought that we would have a lot of possession.

“I’m not sure we struck the perfect balance, although we created a lot of opportunity there were still times when we felt we could do better. We will come back to these moments to try to improve these areas.

“I thought the momentum had dropped slightly after we hit three goals, then we got back to our levels. We lost two goals in the second half which frustrates the players, but from our point of view we had a good performance. Now it’s just a matter of making sure we keep building that momentum over the final two games at the end of this year.

McCallum went on to describe their challenge for the team to play in a different way as Charlie McCann scored a hat trick this afternoon.

He added: “For Charlie [McCann] coming from the midfield to get into those situations and being as clinical as he was, that’s something we challenged him as an individual. He was ruthless in those times, which is good for him and the team.

“Our goal is to make sure our performance is good, I think it’s good for the players to be a little more open to playing in a different way.”

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