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Professor Raj Shree Dhar
Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed India’s contribution to mathematics through our invention of zero and talked about Vedic mathematics during the 88th episode of his monthly radio address “Mann Ki Baat”. He said, “One of the many ways to sharpen math skills is Vedic math. Via Vedic Maths, you can do even the most difficult calculations in the blink of an eye.
The new national education policy aims to broaden the field of knowledge to which the pupil is introduced and places particular emphasis on experimentation and observation. The power of knowledge is needed rather than the acquisition of knowledge in an illiberal sense. Graduates of our colleges can be great administrators, great lawyers or eminent medical specialists if they are taught liberal knowledge, original science and solid culture.
A true education of the mind, which will prepare a person for a higher life, has five main phases: development of the power of concentration, the capacity for attention, development of the capacities for expansion, range, complexity and richness. , organization of ideas around a central idea which will serve as a guide in life, the control of thought and the development of mental silence, of perfect calm. A broader skill set in organizations needs to be cultivated that prioritizes problem solving, adaptability, creativity and empathy, which are the building blocks of sustainable innovation. These flexible skills are invaluable in a variety of situations and allow us to thrive in an exponentially changing world.
A keen eye should be kept on techniques and technologies such as design thinking for next-generation problem solving, augmented and virtual reality for immersive learning, and advancements in mathematics, including mathematics Vedic or mental math, to fuel a better understanding when it comes. rapid skill development.
The most important skills in all future jobs are people skills such as problem solving and communication, computer literacy, math training, and career management. The focus should be on developing key data skills, strong foundational skills such as machine learning (ML) and math. Mathematics students put their skills to good use in a number of high-level industry placements. These students apply their fields such as data analysis and modeling skills to help every business solve a real-world problem. The better you are at math, the more money seems to influence your satisfaction.
Founded in 2017, Chennai-based startup Math Love focuses on providing schools with innovative programs comprising equipment, games and learning materials to promote holistic digital learning. Not only do the teachers in the pair training use experiential teaching techniques, but they also promote a better learning environment for students to gain an understanding of mathematical concepts. Math Love attempts to address three key challenges at the elementary school level, disengagement with numbers, gaps in fundamental math skills, and lack of practical understanding of the subject. The startup has introduced a learning model that includes interactive learning materials, digital board games, and workbooks to help students.
Another startup Jyoti Education Care is committed and dedicated to improving and distributing innovative educational concepts for children’s brain and skill development. Their goal is to allow students to mentally perform addition, subtraction, division and multiplication with precision and without using paper, pen or electronic device. It helps students get rid of their fear of math and improves their academic performance. So, in order to offer an easier way of calculating, it is pertinent to encourage the two different ancient methods of ABACUS and Vedic Mathematics.
Math skills include constructing and presenting clear mathematical and logical arguments, advanced numeracy skills, transforming real-world problems into mathematical problems, analyzing data, finding patterns and extracting solutions , teamwork and leadership development, presentation skills. Mathematics can be offered as a joint honors degree combined with business management, computer science, economics, finance, sports science, etc. It may be possible to opt for a basic mathematics program.
Creating educational content or activities as a startup can prove to be an exceptional initiative, as parents are always looking for tools and activities to entertain and engage their children. Some educational startups are creating new ways to boost morale. Becoming an online coach by providing math skills tips to pass exams or using math concepts in all areas for faster results or creating skills math online courses are some examples of skills math.
Unconventional startup ideas can become extremely successful businesses, although coming up with such brilliant innovative ideas can seem tricky for budding entrepreneurs. What is more likely is that educational institutions that do not start transforming now will become obsolete in the future. Hybrid models, learning content aggregation or content factories, crowdsourcing platforms and other educational changes will continue to threaten traditional players if they do not begin to adapt. The market dynamics between developed and emerging countries may be different, but the goal of secondary and higher education is found everywhere to prepare as many people as possible for a disruptively changing world. This result will lead to citizens who will be better parents, partners, workers and members of the community.
The highly competitive landscape of higher education requires institutions to know with certainty what works and what does not, or their very survival would be in jeopardy. This eventually translates into a growing need for higher education institutions to learn from the culture, IT, and processes embraced by successful business organizations to help improve efficiency and better understand business needs. students, employees and employers. Taking a leaf from the business playbook will give organizations easier access to accurate data and help them respond to market demands more quickly. Far from being at odds with the academic and enrichment spirit that underpins all major institutions, this approach will help them strengthen their relationship with students, from the initial application stage through to graduation. , and to realize their social mission. The world needs millions of skilled workers who keep an economy running, such as auto mechanics, heating and air conditioning repairers, electricians, plumbers and computer technicians, etc.
The Math Skills curriculum includes Basic Calculus, Equations, Functions, Graphing, Data Analysis, Statistics, Industry Projects, and some chapters of the CAT Curriculum. But do your homework before diving into a startup idea. First make sure there is demand for the business you want to start and where to start. Write a business plan that contains objectives, marketing plans and financial implications. The startup idea that imparts mathematical skills will gradually make the child capable of attentiveness and innovation. He will train and develop new methods and techniques to instil in students and above all to make the study and learning of mathematics a beautiful journey.
(The author is Principal, Govt. Degree College, Jindrah, J&K.)

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