Lass uses his skills to raise tuition fees

DWU journalism student

A third year law student at the University of Papua New Guinea is using her sewing skills to generate funds for her studies this year.

Hannah Kalua, 21, from a mixed family in the Eastern New Britain and Eastern Sepik provinces, says she is doing this to help her older siblings cover school fees .

“My fundraiser is to help my older siblings with my tuition fees because my younger brother will be starting his freshman year at the University of Technology,” she said.

Ms Kalua said that with both parents currently unemployed, she is trying to reduce the financial burden by contributing to the costs with the funds she collects.

“My father’s younger sister taught me how to sew when I was in Port Moresby, in the first year of my studies, my aunt would have me sew ruffles on the blouses she had sewn.

From there I learned the basics of the machine, ”she said.

Ms Kalua said she experimented with her creativity sewing summer dresses in 2020.

“My first attempt was not perfect, but last year I asked my big sister for advice and got better from there.

She started fundraising in the New Year with the goal of reaching K2000-K2500 before the start of the school year.

“Considering the time factor and the resumption dates, I’m doing my best. “

“I would like to encourage other young people, especially those who are in school and looking for ways to raise money for their school fees, to start small with what you have,” she said.

“Use your connections and be determined, take the initiative and don’t wait for things to be given to you.

Our parents and siblings sweat to support us, so we must help reduce this financial burden with our God-given skills and talents. It’s the little things that matter.

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