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Created: Oct 15, 2022 08:00

Focus: bridge requires no relaxation of concentration

Playing bridge at the highest level of the game is a bit like walking a tightrope – you might think it’s all covered, but a lack of focus or a brief lack of focus and the next thing you know you have your head in your hands.

Figure 1

This fate happened to the first declarer on this deal (see Figure 1).

West led the jack of spades, which was covered by the queen, king and ace. Declarer saw that if East held the king of diamonds, he could complete his contract by making four tricks.

As the club flush had the only dead entries for diamond finesse, declarer cashed in his king of clubs and then led the queen of clubs. When East showed up, declarer had two entries on the board for finesse diamonds – but that wasn’t enough!

Declarer entered dead with the Jack and took a diamond in finesse, then entered with the Ace and took another finesse. When West showed up on this declarer, he must have lost a diamond and a spade – one less!

In the other room, when West called the second round of clubs, declarer acknowledged that he was now sure to pass the queen with the ace. Then he led a diamond and refined the ten. Declarer followed up with a low club on West’s eight and dummy’s nine to take a second finesse diamond.

When West kicked off a declarer’s foresight by passing the Queen of Clubs with the Ace of Modeling, it paid off. Declarer continued with his remaining club to the model’s jack for a third diamond in finesse. Declarer had 12 tricks: a spade, three hearts, four diamonds and four clubs.

Once West called the queen of clubs, it was safe for declarer to pass her with the ace from dummy.

Really well played – as I said above, you can’t miss a detail if you want to fully ace this game!


friday october 7

1/2. Charles Hall – John Rayner

1/2. Peter Donnellan – Bill Pollett

3. Molly Taussig – John Glynn

monday october 10

1. Diana Diel – Pat Siddle

2. Elizabeth McKee – Stephanie Kyme

3. Lorna Anderson – Heather Woolf

tuesday october 11

North South

1. Tim Mardon Richard Hall

2. Benjamin Stone-James Fielding

3. Carol Eastham – Nikki Boyce

Is West

1. Sandra Ogden-George Ogden

2. Jane Gregory-Richard Keane

3. Sarah Bowers – Stuart Clare

Wednesday October 12

1. Marge Road – Charles Room

2. Gertie Barker-Jane Smith

3. Rachael Gosling-Peter Donnellan

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