KOTOR 2 – All Skills, Ranked

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 features many of the mechanics experienced players expect from an RPG: exploration, XP, and leveling stats specific to a player’s individual build needs. With Knights of the Old Republic 2 being widely recognized as one of the best star wars games, it’s no surprise fans of the franchise choose this title for its rich star wars story.

In KOTOR 2, players can get confused about the many abilities and skills they can level up and invest in. Of the eight skills, some are worth skipping and others are worth taking the time to bring them to their full potential. All of this leads to creating the best experience in the galaxy far, far away…


8 Stealth

For the most comprehensive and story-driven build, stealth is the least recommended skill to invest in. While it warrants fun abilities, like The Force Camouflage, players need to be in solo mode without their companions to use stealth. This ability can be obtained by advancing a specific prestige class with the choices of light or dark side. Movement speed is also significantly slower in stealth mode until the Stealth Run feat is selected.

Unlike other RPGs with stealth mechanics, KOTOR 2Stealth isn’t worth it, since players are unable to respect their skills, putting a lot into stealth would just be a waste. Especially since the enemies have a consciousness test, which will most likely cause the player to be seen, and therefore engage in combat.

seven Sensitization

Awareness is a passive skill that is always active for the player. However, it works best when the player stands still to access the ground in front of them. Awareness is primarily used to spot cloaked or stealthy enemies, or mines that are otherwise undetectable due to their camouflage.

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Although mines can look explosive and deadly, they don’t really hit much, which means investing in awareness is often not worth it. Instead, players can invest these skills elsewhere, such as the Treat Wounds skill. This way, if they are attacked by a mine, they can just heal it like swatting a fly, thus rendering awareness useless.

6 Demolitions

Demolitions can be used for explosives, like mines. If the player decides to play on easy difficulty, they will benefit from demolitions, as the rank level is reduced by 5 to recover mines. Demolitions are only a useful skill for those who want to use mines or just enjoy the XP that comes from disabling them.

By investing in demolitions, players can improve the effectiveness of mines, as well as recover or disarm them. The player’s rank determines the lethality and range of the explosive device they have placed. Some view mines as an item for sale rather than use, as players will fight with blasters, vibroblades, and lightsabers rather than mines.

5 Computer use

If players want to experience the trusty droid T3-M4, they will need to invest in using the computer for a minimum of Rank 15 to fully upgrade the character. Computer Use is a good skill for players who want an alternate route in combat situations. It’s primarily used to exploit the environment to deal with enemies, rather than entering with blasters and lightsabers.

Players will find computer spikes during their adventures, and these items can be used to assemble computer programs. By investing in computer usage, the player can disable or use turrets and flood patrol areas at a reduced number of spikes for every four points they invest. This can be useful for a smarter way to beat opponents.

4 Repair

Repair is a rather useful skill depending on the type of character the player wants to build. Repair can be useful when it comes to mechanical devices, droids, and parts. Some items require more Mechanic Kits to repair depending on their difficulty. However, the Repair skill reduces this cost for every four points invested. This skill also acts as the droid’s version of Treat Injury, as the droid’s vitality will increase when using a repair kit.

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The repair is worth the investment if players want to seek deeper exploration and different means of combat. It’s also worth noting that repair is a great skill if players want droids on their team. By upgrading to Rank 21 in Repair, players can fully upgrade T3-M4.

3 Security

Players are advised to experience their first outing in KOTOR 2 on the easiest difficulty. It’s not just because the fight will be less difficult, but because of the skill checks. If players are on easy difficulty, the Security skill also improves, as fewer points are needed to fully utilize the skill.

Safety is a skill to invest in depending on the needs of the player. If they want to access more safes or rooms for alternate and secret routes, then security is worth investing a few points, but not all of them. Instead of attacking chests and doors, players can simply open them with the skill, as violence is a method of embracing the dark side.

2 Treat wounds

For new players, Treat Wounds should be considered an essential skill to improve. Using this skill, players can permanently heal themselves and their companions. This means that they will spend less time being eliminated from battle and more time eliminating others from battle. Other party members can also learn Treat Injury, which could turn the player’s team into a factory of unstoppable healing machines.

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As the game progresses and players develop the story further, they will encounter tougher enemies. These enemies can range from beasts to soldiers to Sith. Players will want to reach the height of their powers, something that can be achieved if they have Treat Injury as a healing resource.

1 To persuade

The most important skill in KOTOR 2 is Persuasion. Many RPGs have dialogue options, where the player will be tasked with choosing a line of dialogue to say to another character. Depending on what they say, depends on the outcome of the conversation. Players will want to max out their persuasion skills so they always have the best resolve and reward in dialogue options.

By developing the Persuasion skill, players will find themselves in situations much easier than they would without it. It can unlock special, secret dialogue that will be useful for questing, or just finding more knowledge. Persuasion is worth the investment, and most consider it mandatory in KOTOR 2.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords is now available on Mobile, PC, Switch and Xbox.

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