“Keep Karnataka pride aside, watch the development in Telangana”

Published: updated on – 12:02, Sat – 20 Aug 22

Hyderabad: The stark contrast in development, particularly agricultural and social, between Telangana and Karnataka is now noticed by people who travel to the two states.

And most say it is no exaggeration, when Raichur residents including elected officials demanded the district be merged with Telangana after being impressed with the welfare and support given by the Telangana government to the farming community.

Author and columnist Suguta Srinivasaraju expressed similar views on Twitter.

Pride of Karnataka aside, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao’s statement about the people of Raichur demanding a merger with Telangana is true, he said.

“In February 2019 I went to Raichur to speak at a ceremony in memory of Swami Ramananda Teertha, I was zapped by the contrast I saw across the border in Karnataka Raichur was a dusty, ramshackle existence and there was a brilliant burst of green across the border,” he tweeted.

He could not resist and took a taxi to the Jurala Dam to assess the development made by the Telangana government.

“It was incredibly obvious, people were jubilant, Karnataka politicians can serve pride and excuse whenever development of Hyderabad-Karnataka region comes but they should realize that people cannot eat pride “They can’t be fooled forever. Politicians in the region should reflect how they let down Raichur and other districts in the region since 1956,” he tweeted.

Continuing further, he tweeted “Actually on my return from trip I told a senior Congress politician that if TRS puts up any candidates in Raichur it would be a problem for Congress and other parties in Karnataka “.

Echoing his point, a Twitter user, Emil tweeted “I agree. I traveled to Gurmitkal in Karnataka, 160 km from Hyderabad. The roads in Telangana are bliss except for a few miles where it is a single road but good roads. Once you cross the border from Telangana, 20 km from Karnataka, the roads take you there.”

Another Twitter user, N Siva Senani, tweeted: “We saw this when we went to Tippeswar Tiger Reserve across the border in Maharashtra last year. Very visible difference between Telangana and Maharashtra”,

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