Joseph’s connection skills with recruits are easy to see; showing in pursuit of the old LSU receiver

(Photo: David Chivatero, 247Sports)

Mickey-joseph The response from a veteran coaching peer to a journalist’s question about moving up the professional ladder tweeted on Thursday. “A real conversation,” Joseph added to a video that went viral of the thoughts of Atlanta Falcons defensive coordinator Dean Pees.

“I think the younger generation of coaches feel a bit entitled. I think they’re spoiled. Go work in a high school, go work in a Division III school where you have to mow the grass, you have to line up the field, you do all of these things, and you’ll enjoy what you have when you have it instead of being 25 and wondering why I’m not a coordinator in the NFL yet, ”said Pees, 72, who didn’t become an NFL coach until the age of 55 and has traveled widely in the profession, starting in high school as a coach and teacher.

You can watch the video and make up your own mind, but you can also easily see why it resonated with the Nebraska wide receivers coach and the passing play coordinator, who made that slow and steady rise in. the coaching ranks that reached another level at 49 when he was hired by LSU in 2017.

“I remember being beaten by South Dakota 77 to nothing,” Joseph said a few weeks ago with a smile when asked how he coached at Wayne State in the ’90s. is at that point that I was like, I don’t know if this coaching is for me. But I sucked it off and made it through the year. “

Joseph began his coaching career at Omaha North in 1995 and spent a year at Wayne State in 1997 when the Huskers won their last national title when Scott frost was the quarterback of the program.

His coaching journey led him to a GA position at Tulane, before stopping at Alabama State, Nicholls State, Central Oklahoma, Desire Street Academy in Louisiana, Langston, Alcorn State, Grambling State and Louisiana Tech before join the LSU program within the past five years.

This does not diminish any of those programs that were not at the FBS power level five. Quite the contrary. Hear Pees’ full perspective and he explains how all those stops along the way, at places where the bright lights weren’t shining, made him a better teacher, trainer, and communicator.

“I’m looking at the guys now, they can’t stand in front of the room and talk to the players. They can’t. They have to get on the computer,” said Pees. “It’s all computerized, all of it. It’s still a popular game. The players want to talk to you. They want to hear from you.”

Listen to Joseph talk about his vision for coaching and recruiting, even for 25 minutes, and you’ll see the many reasons he has excelled as a recruiter and in communicating with players.

This includes the relationship that has already influenced the Huskers Coldest Crawford signing with Nebraska, and also has Big Red vying for the transfer portal receiver / turner Trey palmer, who performed for Joseph at LSU and entered the portal on December 16. Palmer, who made 30 receptions for 344 yards and 142 yards back on special teams, is currently in the UNL student repertoire, although that in and of itself isn’t formalizing anything with spring semester classes. regular which will not start until January 18th.

A native of Kenwood, Louisiana, Palmer was previously ranked number 112 overall in the 247Sports composite in the Recruiting class of 2019.

What this one seems like a good trend for the Huskers, it serves as an example of how Joseph is going to help place Nebraska in some places he would have struggled to reach before. During his rise as a coach, he figured out how exactly to shine about Pees. You have to connect, not just with the player but with everyone you can in that rookie’s circle.

“That’s the most important, it’s the parents, and now you have the coaches. And most parents give it all to the guy who coaches them. So it’s more now than the parents. You have the parents, you have the coach, you have the trainers, you might have an uncle, ”Joseph said during a media roundtable after being hired.“ So you have to communicate with a lot of people when recruiting just to make sure you know who’s going to make the call, who’s going to make that kid in Nebraska say yes. You must return each stone. You have to go back to each of them. “

In this time of dizzying portals, you are also recruiting your own list every day.

Even within a week of work, when Joseph spoke to the media, he was living up to the Michigan game in his film study of the 2021 Nebraska season. He wanted to see all the reps he could and not pass public judgment on why the team finished 3-9 amid match criticism, while not yet having more in-depth conversations with the new coaching staff, which appears to be officially filled in the next week.

“I watched. I need to see them. You have to see them because right now I’m evaluating the talent that’s on the pitch,” said Joseph. “I know a game doesn’t lose a game. I know it. Because there are 75 other games out there. So you have to sit down and see what happens. Sometimes in football you will fail. . It’s not like basketball, where you just had five guys. You must have 11 guys doing the same. It’s tough. Especially with these kids these days. Their ability to do the same. beware, what is 30 seconds? So it’s not easy. “

Joseph will have a new contest to push the additions, which include Victor Jones Jr. (slated to register early), the previous long-standing LSU hires Crawford and transfers Isaiah Garcia-Castaneda (578 of 37 yards caught this past year at New Mexico State). And then there’s someone like Palmer like at least one more potential option that could be added.

But Joseph also doesn’t think it was a bare closet when he opened it here when he arrived.

“I think you have a talented ward. I think you have kids who can play. Now you have young kids. You have three older kids (Omar Manning, Olivier Martin, Zavier Betts) who played a fair amount of snaps. But I think you have to bring them all along at the same time. And I keep saying that it’s going to be a friendly competition with this room … that we are going to argue.

“But if we can follow each other into this room, when we get to the DBs, we’re about to eat them.”

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