IOHK talked about Cardano development plans in 2022

After the implementation of smart contracts in the mainnet of Cardano, the company behind the development of the project, IOHK will focus on optimizing the performance and scaling of the blockchain. Tim Harrison, its marketing director, talked about it.

“Now, after entering the Basho stage, we are putting more and more effort into optimization and scaling. […] Parameter tweaks, enhancements, enhancements, and other innovations will all play a part in Cardano’s continued performance and throughput gains throughout 2022,” Harrison wrote.

To achieve its objectives, IOHK intends to work on on-chain and off-chain solutions.

Early companies include:

  • increase block size;
  • reduced block propagation time;
  • introduction of input endorsers;
  • implementation of memory and CPU parameters in Plutus smart contracts and improvement of their scripts;
  • general modernization of nodes;
  • implementation of the possibility of saving part of the data on the state of the blockchain on the disk space of the nodes.

The developers plan to integrate the Cardano network with a number of sidechains, including dcSpark’s Milkomeda and Mamba (developed in-house by IOHK).

The company will continue to work on improving the Hydra layer 2 protocol and introducing off-chain computing. In particular, the network can obtain the capability of asynchronous contract execution (ACE).

IOHK also intends to implement the Mithril protocol, introduced in 2021, which is designed to improve blockchain synchronization and increase the efficiency of multi-signature aggregation.

In the past 24 hours, Cardano (ADA) has increased its price by more than 8%, according to CoinGecko. At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency is trading near $1.38.

IOHK talks about Cardano development plans in 2022

Binance ADA/USDT hourly chart. Data: trading view.

Recall that Vitalik Buterin conducted a poll on his Twitter, in which he asked about the most popular currency in 2035, except for Ethereum. The winner of the vote was Cardano.

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