Institute of Information Technology trains 1,500 young Saudis in self-employment skills

The Institute of Information Technology (ITI) of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology announced a self-employment training program for a number of young people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It aims to train 1,500 people to qualify and support them as workers in the field of communications and information technology, and to increase the number of Saudi workers in the field of self-employment.

Heba Saleh, director of the Institute, said today in a press release that this training program is part of the successful cooperation between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in Egypt and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The ITI has helped train 6,000 people through direct training programs, in addition to providing training content and reaching over 300,000 beneficiaries through the institute’s digital platform for e-learning ” Maharah Tech ”.

The Institute’s plan includes the adoption of learning mechanisms, which include professional training, intensive training for graduates, summer training camps for university students and knowledge through its platform of distance learning (Mahara Tech platform) WWW.MAHARATECH.GOV.EG, which provides professional outreach services. for young Egyptians. In addition, a set of partnerships with a number of technology companies in the areas of information security, open source software, quality assurance and testing, cloud computing and other high-profile disciplines. request is established.

The Institute has established partnerships with large international companies for training, including the first Apple training center in Africa, as well as a partnership with Red Hat to train young people in the use of open source software.

The ITI plan also includes the launch of a new initiative to build a base of certified trainers (Tech Ambassadors).

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