India leads in digital skills readiness: survey

Hyderabad: In India, as many as 72% of respondents say they are actively learning digital skills to prepare for the future of work. As many as 66% of respondents also said they felt equipped with resources to learn digital skills, according to Salesforce’s Global Digital Skills Index, which summarizes employees’ feelings around the world and their willingness to learn the skills. digital keys businesses need today and in the future. five years.

The index is based on a survey of more than 23,500 workers in 19 countries, with an average global readiness score of 33 out of 100.

Globally, collaboration technology skills, such as Slack, are considered the most important skills needed by businesses today, with only 25% of respondents possessing advanced collaboration technology skills specifically needed. for the workplace.

Digital marketing was ranked as the top workplace skill with only 39% of respondents rating their level of workplace digital marketing skills as advanced.

Globally, 51% of respondents and in India, 54% of respondents want to learn new skills to help them develop their current career. By harnessing the potential of the existing workforce, companies can accelerate progress towards closing their skills gaps.

The index also reveals that globally, younger respondents have more confidence and ambition to learn new skills – more than a third of Gen Z are actively learning and training for the skills needed during the course. of the next five years. However, in India, baby boomers are leading the way with 83% of respondents actively learning and training in needed skills now.

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