Iggy Azalea and BIA expose their mothers’ poor cooking skills

Iggy Azalea talks to her mother about her cooking skills, and BIA says she can relate.

It seems like one of the major themes of this year’s Thanksgiving holiday was the photos of absolutely disgusting food on social media. While it has become apparent that not all photographs of Thanksgiving food are good, Iggy Azalea has spread the message that not everything tastes good either, calling out his own mother for a lack of seasoning.

“I love my mother to death, but she always says I learned to cook so well thanks to her and deep down I know the truth is that I had to learn to survive because she didn’t. DON’T know what it means to season food, ”Iggy wrote on Twitter. “He and my 21 year old brothers just asked about garlic powder … exactly! She only learned about adobo 8 months ago … imagine them. dinners I attended. “

Andrew Toth / Getty Images

She’s not the only woman in hip-hop who grew up on unseasoned food because BIA responded, saying she was in a similar boat.

“Screaminggggg my mom too,” she said under the tweet.

We would love to hear what their mothers have to say about this. They can’t be happy with the slander on social media.

Image provided to HNHH by the BIA label

Over the past few months, Iggy Azalea has focused on herself and her family, moving away from her music career. While not ruling out future releases, she heralded the “end of an era” with her latest album, telling fans that she would pursue other interests in the entertainment industry and beyond.

What do you think Iggy and BIA had for Thanksgiving dinner that made them call their mothers like that?

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