IBM’s head of intellectual property talks about strategy; the transport of Vonage patents from Ericsson; Strong demand for 5G IP; Chinese open source revolution; Novo Nordisk’s $ 3 billion IP purchase; and more

The long read

New guidelines in preparation for China’s National Intellectual Property Administration will continue to fight what are considered bad faith patent applications, make utility models more difficult to obtain, and increase the risk of litigation in the process. software space, write Aaron Wininger of Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner, PA and Austin Chang of Beijing East IP. Read more here

MONDAY 22 November

Chinese law needs to be clearer in order to encourage collective licensing of patents through pools and other platforms, the adviser to the country’s intellectual property courts said. Read more here

IBM’s head of intellectual property Bill LaFontaine says legal and cultural changes have made licensing more difficult in the United States, but events abroad may help the pendulum turn back . Read more here

The case for patent protection for AI-related inventions has never been stronger and is expected to become even more compelling in the coming years. Read more here

TUESDAY 23 November

The courts in Shenzhen and Guangzhou first clarified the legal status of the GNU General Public License in China, and this could have major implications for Chinese software development. Read more here

Novo Nordisk has agreed to pay $ 3.3 billion for RNA interference innovator Dicerna in a deal that shows the growing value of intellectual property in space. Read more here

The INTA Annual Meeting is the world’s largest gathering of intellectual property professionals. This year’s event took place last week and several talking points emerged. Read more here

Patent leaders from Johnson Controls, JUUL Labs, Valo Health and IBM discuss proven methods of harvesting inventions. Read more here

WEDNESDAY November 24

Hyundai Motor, along with the subsidiary brand Kia, has acquired dozens of patents under a deal with AT&T, according to USPTO records. Read more here

Top patent practitioners say the covid crisis has transformed policy debates over intellectual property in the biopharmaceutical industry and has underscored the importance of innovation. Read more here

THURSDAY 25 November

The latest patent sale by Chinese research laboratory Shanghai Langbo Communication Technology to a US-based NPE is further evidence of the growing demand for 5G IP assets. Read more here

Pfizer has been able to take swift action against alleged misappropriation of confidential information, apparently due to its effective mechanisms for monitoring the use of its trade secrets. Read more here

With so many developments in patent policy in the United States over the past month, intellectual property officials have plenty to keep them awake at night. But the first shared priority can be summed up in one word: clarity. Read more here

FRIDAY November 26

Proprietary data shows which Chinese patent agencies have secured the most rights for their clients in 2020 in technical fields such as IT, renewable energy, electric vehicles, and life sciences. Read more here

As part of its $ 6 billion acquisition of Vonage, Ericsson will secure a portfolio of high quality patents that will strengthen its footprint in areas such as security, machine learning and wired networks. Read more here

SATURDAY November 27

Inflation and commodity shortages are making the supply chain a daily topic of conversation this holiday season in the United States, and the effects of this may well be seen in patent litigation at ITC. . Read more here

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