How to take payday loans online?


Finesh is a financial broker who offers quick online loans. The company has entirely Polish capital, allowing clients to draw up to PLN 1,500 when signing the first contract. They draw cash without leaving home, distributing the money according to their own needs. Applying for a loan takes no more than a few minutes. After watching the instructional video, you’ll find that applying for money is easier than you thought.  

Finesh provides 2 types of loans, for people running a business in the amount of PLN 300 to PLN 5,000 for a period of 30 days, and the first loan of up to PLN 1,000 is free and for individual clients in the amount of PLN 300 to PLN 5,000 for a period of 30 days .

Finesh – offer details

Finesh - offer details

Finesh lends clients not only PLN 1,500. It also allows for higher amounts, as long as we are loyal customers. Money should be returned within 30 days, making sure to pay in time. The offer is available to people between 20 and 75 years of age who are Polish citizens and do not have any debts. They should also have a bank account and a mobile phone.

If necessary, it is possible to extend the repayment date. The customer decides for himself during which period he will be able to return the commitment. With a request to extend the deadline, he must report to the Customer Service Office, presenting dates convenient for him. Lack of loan repayment and setting new terms for its return results in the necessity of incurring consequences of non-payment. Debt collection costs are just one of the consequences that an unreliable customer will have to face. A much worse result for him is an entry to the Economic Information Bureau (ERIF, KRD or BIG InfoMonitor) and to the Credit Information Bureau. So how do you get a loan from Finesh?

What is necessary for registration?

What is necessary for registration?

To prepare for registration, we should have:

  • Internet access
  • Mobile phone
  • ID card
  • Bank account

Finesh – the process of taking a cash loan

Finesh - the process of taking a cash loan

After searching for payday loans in the comparison engine, you can start the process of applying for financial support. You should:

  • Click on the ‘Take a loan’ link which will direct us to a page that allows you to apply for additional cash. You need to select the amount and number of days you want to pay, and then complete the basic details. Remember that the first contract is for PLN 1,500. You can apply for up to PLN 5,000 with your next contract. The repayment period is always a maximum of 30 days.
  • The next stage is confirmation of personal data. To this end, a verification fee should be transferred to the lender’s account. It amounts to PLN 1.
  • If Finesh accepts our application, we can expect a transfer. The lender immediately launches the loan, but the speed at which the amount is credited depends on which bank we have our account in.

Benefits of taking a loan in Finesh

Benefits of taking a loan in Finesh

A loan in Finesh brings only benefits:

  1. We can apply for up to PLN 1,500 when signing the first contract
  2. If we are regular customers, Finesh allows us to borrow much larger amounts
  3. It is possible to extend the repayment date in the event of problems with payment
  4. You can include interest in the costs of our company
  5. Both regular and new customers can count on attractive bonuses. It is worth being up to date with the current lender’s offer

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