How To Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy Tip 2022

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Find out how to improve your video marketing strategy

Video marketing is the main form of marketing today and it’s like you’re sitting in the dust if you don’t make videos. Brands are catching up and now using video as their main form of marketing. Reports show that marketers who use video grow their revenue 49% faster than users who don’t use video. The high demand for video only makes sense because it creates a deeper connection with your customers. It differs from text because your audience can see your mannerisms, your tone of voice, and your surroundings.

Create a close bond with them that builds trust in them and makes them like you. And that’s what you have to strive for as a company because, as Simon Sinek said, “We don’t do business with companies. We do business with people. You win in marketing by connecting one-on-one with your customers. And video marketing is a surefire way to get you there. However, here are some ways to strengthen your video marketing strategy.

How to boost your video marketing strategy

Tell a story about your business

You don’t necessarily need to be a professional video editor or editor to produce engaging visual content that your audience will love. You should consider video the easiest way to tell a story about your business. Some examples of what you can show viewers are introductory videos about your business, product video reviews, tutorials, walkthroughs, testimonials, and more.

Whatever type of video you decide to create, Cincopa will take care of hosting it and presenting it effectively to your audience. Take advantage of the many pre-made video player templates that you can use to make any custom video look great on your website.

Give visibility to your brand

No matter where you intend to promote your visual content on your own website, on social media or on third-party websites, your brand should get the exposure it deserves. Consider branding the video player with a custom logo or watermark that not only visually represents your business, but also directs video viewers to a specific landing page directly from the video player.

Cincopa lets you set a custom URL with your logo or watermark that people can click on to learn more about your business.

Make your videos interactive with calls to action and annotations

Calls to action and annotations are great examples of how video content can be enhanced with text for better marketing results. A catchy quote at the right time in a video will motivate viewers to take certain actions that align with your business goals. For example, you can increase retention by offering them another video to watch or by inviting them to follow the link, subscribe, or take some other action. A call to action is like a line of text that appears at a specific time and grabs the attention of your video viewers.

An annotation appears as a clickable text box with a custom background that usually contains more than just a call to action. Both can include a link that opens in a new browser tab or displays in a tooltip. If you want to make your video more interactive, create hotspots in it, engage your viewers, and get marketing conversions, you should definitely give these options a try.

Keep your content accessible add video subtitles

Video subtitles are an amazing feature that helps keep your content competitive and accessible to viewers at all times. Let them enjoy watching your videos in noisy places like shops, cafes, etc. This visual element will help them better understand the video by focusing their attention on the key statements.

Alternatively, you can add subtitles in one or more different languages ​​to provide video translation for foreign viewers. Cincopa supports a specific file format and markup for video subtitles. You can upload multiple subtitle files for each language to enable multilingual translation.

Collect leads via video email

If you’ve never used videos to generate leads before, you must be missing out on a lot of leads. Video can be a reliable source of business opportunities because people watching your video are more motivated to do business with you. They are already interested in your content, so they will be happy to learn more. At this precise stage, you must obtain their contact details to contact them later and send them a detailed commercial offer.

Lead Generator is one of the most important tools for marketing. Display an easy to use email form while a viewer is still watching the video. You can specify the time, customize the form and text fields, and even design a custom HTML form or add it with an external URL. All form submissions will automatically be saved to a specific mailing list created with your email marketing provider, such as MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Use Video Analytics to improve marketing results

So, you’ve embedded a video on your website and it looks great. Now you need to understand your audience a little better. By analyzing smart video data and learning how your viewers react to certain videos, you can determine which content is most preferred. Advanced Video Analytics is an extremely useful tool that every business should use as a source of marketing intelligence: you can get detailed video viewing statistics and aggregate them by video, domain, website, and user location.

Track which videos best engage your audience and where exactly some of your viewers are. You’ll be amazed at how much personal information you can get about each video viewer: their country, IP address, web browser type, device, activity dates, engagement rate, and more. Aligning this data with your sales will allow you to improve your product offerings and find more effective marketing tactics.

Final Words: How to Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

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