Haight-Ashbury is home to SF’s largest concentration of Airbnbs. here’s why

Hello, Bay Area. It’s Wednesday, July 13, and smoke from the Washburn fire in Yosemite is drifting into Lake Tahoe. Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

If you’ve ever wondered which part of San Francisco is home to the highest concentration of Airbnb, we have the answer.

It’s Haight-Ashbury, with 56 listings in less than half a square mile. The Haight is popular with tourists who want to see the birthplace of the hippie movement, not to mention a greater concentration of iconic Edwardian and Victorian homes, local short-term rental landlords have said.

The Castro and Dolores Heights areas also have a large Airbnb share given their size.

Residents of these neighborhoods say the presence of short-term rentals has influenced and changed the character and quality of life in their neighborhoods.

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Virus updates

Nurse practitioner Paige Yang prepares to administer a monoclonal injection at Total Infusion in Oakland.

Bronte Wittpenn/The Chronicle

Like countless others, I have been beaten down by the recent wave of COVID infections, spurred on by the now-dominant BA.5 variant. After two and a half years of avoiding the virus, I developed a sore throat, runny nose and cough that still torments me weeks after the infection.

The new strain has the ability to evade the immune responses of those who have been vaccinated and boosted, even causing reinfections in people who thought they were safe because they had developed antibodies from a previous illness. (Vaccines still greatly reduce the risk of serious illness, hospitalization and death.)

My colleague Cecilia Lei, host of “Fifth and Mission,” sat down with Dr. Bob Wachter of UCSF to explain why cases are still on the rise despite diminishing attention to COVID news, and why BA .5 is “a different beast”. ”

The transmissibility of BA.5 has also raised questions among those worried about the new mutation. We revisit the likelihood of surface transmission, as well as whether cleaning does anything to reduce the risk of infection, in a new edition of Pandemic Problems.

More: The BA.2.75 COVID variant is spreading in the Bay Area. Can he escape immunity?

Opinion: The BA.5 variant doesn’t care about your close-up back in the office.

around the bay

Twitter is one of the mid-market companies that hasn't moved.

Twitter is one of the mid-market companies that hasn’t moved.

Liz Hafalia/The Chronicle

The times have changed: San Francisco’s Mid-Market district is no stranger to economic uncertainty. But with Twitter in turmoil and the departure of Uber and Block, it needs a plan to bounce back.

Washburn Fire: Smoke from the fire burning in Yosemite National Park is drifting towards Tahoe, and tourists are scrambling to change their plans.

“Literally beg”
: San Francisco’s LGBTQ community is calling on the federal government to distribute more monkeypox vaccine as state health officials say there are more diseases than previously believed in the area of the bay.

Net suppression: San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins reiterated her promise to “end the street drug market” in one of the city’s most troubled neighborhoods.

Drug crisis: In a landmark deal, opioid makers will pay San Francisco $54 million in cash and healing products to settle claims they were responsible for addictions and deaths.

Housing crisis: An Alameda County judge has ordered California housing officials to grant all pending rent relief requests and those denied less than 30 days ago, as the legality of denied requests is under review .

Highest tides:
Here’s when high tides are expected to bring flooding to the Bay Area this week.

What’s in a name: Are you a Michael? Or maybe a Jennifer? Here are the most common names among registered voters in San Francisco.

what to eat

Business owner Yezi Sha makes a drink at her One Plus store in Berkeley.

Business owner Yezi Sha makes a drink at her One Plus store in Berkeley.

Josh Edelson / Special for The Chronicle

I joined the Chronicle Food and Wine team to talk about one of my favorite desserts: pearl milk tea. In the pockets of the Bay Area where Taiwanese immigrants have congregated, boba shops are thriving.

Our 11 suggestions for some of the best boba shops in the Bay Area are sure to captivate — and infuriate — some. My recommendations include punny names at a popular spot in San Jose and one of the original boba shops in South Bay. Which have you tried?

Snail Bar, one of East Bay’s most popular natural wine bars, is opening its new outpost, Slug, next week. Expect miso scallops and ham and cheese sandwiches to join the organic wine list. Given the perpetually long line at Snail Bar, chef Andres Giraldo Florez told reporter Elena Kadvany that he hopes people make their way to Slug if they can’t get into the Temescal neighborhood.

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