Guide to the final boss ‘Metroid Dread’: 3 phases to remember, strategy to beat Raven Beak

Curious about how to beat the final boss “Metroid Dread”? There are three phases to going through in order to beat Raven Beak and acquire new armor.

Final boss of ‘Metroid Dread’

The final boss of the “Metroid Dread” named Raven Beak has similar movement to Samus, so this one-on-one battle will test players’ faster abilities, for example. IGN.

Nintendo Life added Raven Beak is a fast and powerful opponent with powerful strikes that can quickly cover the entire battlefield, so players should expect Flash Shift and Space Jump abilities to be put to the test.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that damaging the final boss “Metroid Dread” might not always be the most essential thing. Instead, triggering his flashbacks, which allows players to counter his strikes, is what allows players to survive combat.

This fight is mostly about learning how to dodge strikes and avoid taking damage until a cutscene appears.

This battle is split into three distinct stages, the first of which will provide players with a solid foundation in timing as well as how to defend against techniques that will recur in the endgame.

Phase Two, on the other hand, is the real kicker, with a whole new range of challenges that can only be overcome through good old-fashioned practice.

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3 ‘Metroid Dread’ phases to beat Raven Beak

First phase

Entering this initial phase can be intimidating as the final boss “Metroid Dread” moves quickly and has a variety of abilities.

The first thing to watch out for is his charge attacks, which are indicated by a reddish glow and shoulder drop. Once hit by these or pushed into a corner, it will trap and strike the player with a series of powerful blows that will do major damage.

Players should keep their distance from here and be prepared to leap into the air, turn and dodge from side to side of the arena.

Two things can happen here, both of which are extremely beneficial for a counterattack strategy:

  • In a variation, the final boss “Metroid Dread” fires a slow missile resembling a black hole. For bonuses, lock in with cluster missiles and kill him right away. Then pass over his head to avoid his next assault.
  • In another case, Raven Beak will perform a quick strike that the player can counter when they get to the other side of the chamber. Counter it by throwing rockets at it. Thanks to this, players can also get bonuses.

After that, Raven Beak will glow gold and continue with her typical assault patterns.

Players must keep firing missiles at him, until he eventually stops and laughs, gesturing for the player to come closer with their hand. Run over him and prepare to counter twice.

Phase two

Now that Raven Beak has wings, things are about to get a little more complicated.

Raven Beak launches a 360 degree machine gun strike from the air during this phase. That being said, players must use space jumps and dashes to stay ahead of their weapon fire as the player spins around the opponent in the air and then on the ground.

When the player hits the ground during this strike, they must detonate Raven Beak with the standard laser fire a few times and prepare to circle again.

Besides the machine gun attack, players should also be prepared for an easy to dodge and properly signaled ground attack.

As soon as the player sees him coming, he should step back as far as possible and perform a quick attack to the side.

Raven Beak can also fire a large laser, which can be baited to target where the player is, as it curls up and then dodges at the last second, causing it to miss.

Finally, if the player has injured him enough here by tearing off one of his wings, the final boss “Metroid Dread” will be sent back to the ground for the final phase.

Phase three

The final part of this battle contains all of the action from the previous phase and adds a large laser blast, which players can bait by jumping into the air and shooting the monster with missiles as it shoots above.

A gigantic golden orb that Raven Beak will detonate is the other characteristic and the most important element to survive here.

Finally, players should note that they have to turn to Morph Ball and trigger a Power Bomb upon seeing this orb. This will shatter the orb and provide players with ammo and healing supplies.

Bonus phase

After defeating Raven Beak, players will be able to get new armor and the opponent will be a monstrous mutant X parasite. To complete the game, hold down the standard shot until it ignites.

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